Crazy Craft! Ep.55! MY BOYFRIEND CHEATS ON ME! | Minecraft | Amy Lee33

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Rati Berdzenishvili says:

I dont tinke if you kill littel squad wont somen the cracen mabe idk :)???!?!?

Faye _hey says:

The camera wasn't focused was it like that 4 any1 else?

Faye _hey says:

Maybe he brought her Coz he was lonely u never go any where with him

Sunny Owl10 says:

Love you Amy your such a inspiration

Soniyah Anjum says:

It's my f-ing bday tomorrow! It would be a dream of Amy replying! ???

Abigail Umali says:

Amy you can also kill a frog to get green goo. 

Abigail Umali says:

Amy you can make a sword called slice and you have to have a iorn and put it with your big Bertha

Sophie Nesfield says:

AMY!! I need u help please im a new on YouTube and no one watched me???

Emily P says:

I feel name is Emily..

AndrewGreek 56 says:

to get green goo you have to kill a triffid

Dalia Dodo says:


LPS Cute says:

A……A…..Amy why did ja….jake cheat

Shadow Girl says:

You have a hammer!

Brendis Hernandez says:

Cheating means tht if u were a girl and u hae a boyfriend and if ur boyfriend has another girlfriend then yeah thts basically it.

Melanie Bradney says:

Sorry Amy

TheDarkNight Games says:

Ur a sycophant path bitch

CarGuy9700 says:

amy where you type in to serch up things dubble click it and it will not be dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Macaila Touchette says:

amy you can get big bertha from lucky blocks but lucky blocks can also spawn mobsilla

Macaila Touchette says:

mabie emilie is his sister

Unicorn Lover77 says:

Amy when you collected the dirt and turned around there was a water dragon but it desponed

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