Crew Pixelmon – MY FIRST LEGENDARY AND SHINY! | Episode 16, Season 2 (Minecraft Pokemon Mod)

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Hope you all enjoy us playing the Minecraft Pixelmon mod!
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Huge shoutout to Bz for making this map!

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PflugyFresh says:

Side, putting landorus aside is a huuuge mistake. please rethink your decision

nick Brown says:

landorus is fucking broken

Christian Rendon says:

Chandelure is a good fire-type.

Mustafa Güray Şenova says:

I think deoxy changes forms with an item called "meteorite" in pixelmon. 😀

struxaah uk says:

Man really want you to use lucario 😀

Evan Mattel says:

Landorus at 23:50

Emmanuel Lassiter says:

Infernape is fast and he’s very strong in special attack and attack

Sam Marks says:

What the hell kinda moveset on aegislash has shadow ball and gyro ball??? 1 physical 1 special.
You want a defensive one with -speed nature and give it kings shield toxic gyro ball shadow sneak

teh gr8 mouseketeer says:

😀 side use mr mime huehuehue

slug boi says:

Hopefully the end of the series will be 15 mins of sidearms saying wwwwwhatsup guys

LiquidSquid says:

Heatran @ 17:38

Ty Overturf says:

you should definitely play that music for every boss gym battle you do bro, would be EPIC

Grandpa C says:


I’m a rebel

Friedchickenequa says:

that blaziken will be a glass cannon

Friedchickenequa says:

get the shiny flinchling from the trade hub at the mesa mine to get talonflame

Jeremy Samaroo says:

Side you should totally get this to solve your headphone jack problem it ccalled the
gets closer to mic

Reid Taylor says:

A good underused pokemon is also a slow tanky weezing with gyro ball fire blast thunderbolt and sludge wave

bob bobberson says:

Lets be real keldeo is the celebi of gen 5

DoodImgood says:

Your first legendary? What is that Keldeo in your party, chopped liver? 😀

Mr Simpleton says:

Sidearms name should be Mike…. Mike OxLong

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