DanTDM (The Diamond Minecart) – DANTDM’S FUNNIEST MOMENTS | Minecraft Funny Animation

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DanTDM (The Diamond Minecart) – DANTDM’S FUNNIEST MOMENTS | Minecraft Funny Animation DanTDM
In this video has The Diamond Minecart (DanTDM), Dr.Trayaurus. He is the best youtuber with me….

So, I collected some his funny moments for this video and hope you enjoy it ^^!
► Real The Diamond Minecart // DanTDM channel: http://bit.ly/1ps2Rf8
► 2:07 : Fan Animation – Don’t Poop !! (Animated by ADKNIGHT)
► Subcribers for more video: http://bit.ly/1L6gZf5

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Christopher Rozwalka says:


Nadine Villanueva says:

u see his name DanTdm FAN

Nadine Villanueva says:

wait a sec THEY HAVE THE SAME VOICE or its just editing of vids Oh YEAH It Is!!

Nadine Villanueva says:

my channel was also supposed to DanTDM FAN

Zacboy 2311 says:

The explosion crashed my ipad

Arnel Ontingco says:

The last one is very funny!!????

Jon Rempe says:

The funniest thing Dan have done is when he was doing a map that the name I can't rember the name he said let go number two. Then said that is not what I mean. Lol Dan that is the first vedio I saw of you.

Ishy DaBoss (IzMo123) says:

3:35 4 sum reason I can't believe Dan said HELL

Ishy DaBoss (IzMo123) says:

Very funny. BTW for future reference its a montage not an animation. I XD'd throughout this.

Zachary Minnick says:

It Dan from dimond minecart

Jessica Ramirez says:

I liked the video it was so funny????

COOLGUYJACK Kuethe says:

I never heard him say hell before

Dawn Jackson says:


Minecrafter 560 says:

you are fake dantdm

Rashad Monds says:

cool bicth

Super apps says:

Only 25 comments

Erico De Figueiredo says:

i mean your

Erico De Figueiredo says:

stop cursing sorry but stop i.m still you #1 best fan right

Joeri Neri says:


Jayden Moore says:

It was the best

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