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Welcome to my simple guide on building a dirty nether portal, or ghetto nether portal. I will teach you how to make a nether portal without diamonds or obsidian, so without a diamond pickaxe. With a couple buckets, flint and steel and a few blocks you can find a lava lake and some water and make a simple portal to the nether. This nether portal guide isn’t needed if you would rather mine obsidian, but if you are in a new survival world, UHC, custom map or just went exploring too far from your base, this guide can help you out. This is not a magic nether portal in minecraft, it is just a simple build and a good skill to have.

For more complex Nether Portals, you can review my Advanced Nether Portal Guide:


danifreedude says:

Thanks so much for making this video!!! I had no idea that you could make a nether portal without diamonds, this video really helps me out. Since its like 3 am rn I'll probably try it tomorrow but now I'm pumped to try it out…have a nice day!!

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