Do NOT CHEAT using this Armor in Minecraft !!! (Totem of Undying Armor)

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Today, we look at Minecraft in a completely new way… I’m NOT talking about a new Minecraft update… I’m actually using a new Minecraft mod that enables TOTEM of UNDYING to be used as armor


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Peace Lima says:

what kind of minecraft are you playing

Blue Ocean08 says:

Every armor piece has 4 uses

Ismail Abaza says:

He edited the video so he can get lots of totem of undiying and when he ran out he died it's so fucking obvious

Ismail Abaza says:

This is defenitley a mod

Phosphine says:

Amazon gift card

probro gaming says:

Read the description

The Worst Channel ever Do NOT subscribe says:

How did you get subs from your lies –– (no I am NOT trying to get subs look at my name –-)

Master Ball Orion says:

Wow minecraft in 2017…..and a gift card giveway . Jesus Christ what has this world become

Bayley Walker says:

Do you need mods for this

Lyla Park says:

ɪᴛs ᴀ ᴍᴏᴅ .ᴏ.

Ethan Thomaswick (Class of 2023) says:

It's a flipping mod don't believe him

DenDenDaikoBlox says:

but where is the mod discription?

koda Taylor says:

U wasted my time

Swordeye says:

I liked how you made everything longer just to reach the 10 minute mark

Jordon Stevens says:

Dose it work on PS4

Pingouino ProxusMCDOTnet says:

Avaritia Mod….

Amanda Bertovic says:


SonicGamer360 Pro says:

TrueTriz you are the best and I subscribed and turned on notifications.

Will Corbin says:

How many times did he say "if you would say" xD

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