Does The Fridge Light Stay On? (funny Minecraft Animation

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All credit to the original creator of this video. I own nothing.

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XOXO: Madelyn and Calvin


Liz Angotti says:

Funny very funny 🤣

I'm da best I am sub if I am says:

It can turn off I tried that with my fridge and it was a little dark when I opened it a little wide

Brianna Roman says:

Lol so funny

annabelle tanner says:

sooooooooo hloreos!!!!!!!!!

Danaya Fields says:

You copied this from a try not to laugh! It's copy right

Riley Bauer says:


Game Train 2.0 says:

This isn't your animation

JediMasterNorrisMC says:

soo funny!!! THX!!!

SquareBubble Animations says:

Haha, the faces are so creepy looking.  Cute animation!

WinxClub223 says:

This is one of my favorite videos

Tara Benedict says:

Oops I meant to put this in the comments: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! ;D

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