EASIEST WAY TO MAKE A MINECRAFT SERVER! | (1.11) (Portforwarding) (No Hamachi)

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This is an updated guarantee work for anyone who tries it. THIS is how to get a working Minecraft server!

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Spigot 1.11 .jar:
or direct download here:

Java 8 (fresh install):

After Portfowarding Give This to Your Friends:

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ImKoe says:

Can people ddos u

omar shishnagy says:

wait so the part 7:14 is the part so you can make people join? Well i wont do it cuz i wanna play alone in it

Akram Risheq says:

i followed the steps but when i write localhost it didn't work

lee joonhong says:

my pc is 64bit but at 3:49 my java version only has 32bits so i redownload java and it still didnt work. can u reply?? please

fire blockhead says:

how do u make it when people can see it and randomly join help

Supper Soup says:

can u make a video on how add plugins to it?

Supper Soup says:

You earn a sub Good job ;D

Supper Soup says:

Wow 1 that really worked….

Supper Soup says:

anyone have trouble at 7:50 just look at the back of the thing [Router] or ur internet box it says Admin User: [###] Admin Password" [####] Hope this help anyone

DrewDa Gamer says:

it says my server ipv6 addr is not in range can someone help

Linh Luong says:

why can i only choose java 8 32 bit?
i am using the 64bit version with 64bit pc

jusjudge says:

My friend isn't able to join my server at all. What can I do? I gave him the IP from IPChicken and it didn't work. Is there anything I can try or maybe im doing wrong?

AndoidGameTips says:

Hou forgot to blur your Ip! ( 6:20 )

Yasu Senpai says:

Can u add me on skype :madara_uchiha264 and do it for me via teamviewer cuz i cant even log in local host

Zach Daily says:


Zach Daily says:

What version of windows are you using? I cant seem to make this download extra required files.


Lol my name is UNONUMERO I searched up my channel and found you

iNECRO Gamer says:

You have my same wallpaper

LifeOfAce says:

dude my netgear is only V1.0.0 how the hell do i port forward so annoying

koko dsada says:

I have a problem. In my server when someone from the staff is gm1 and teleports to another world his gamemode changes back them to gm 0 and most of them dont have permission to switch back. Hpw to fix this?

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