EPIC GENGAR AND GOLEM – Minecraft Pixelmon Island SMP – Pokemon GO MOD

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Play with me on my server: Play.PokeLB.Com
Today we begin our Journey on Pixelmon Island and catch a Gengar and Golem along with a bunch of others!
My latest episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NbTc_rd1Po
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Ultimate Hyperz says:

Petezahutt has a lvl 48 Raichu!

Robbie Pitt says:

i tried to load my forge minecraft account and it does not work, who should i contact about this??

1G Gaming says:


CODslayer55 says:

I've been waiting for pixelmon island 4 ever

Mel_ theKiller says:

I love John he's such a noob

Yoshi Films says:

Replace pidgeoto with garidos

Tate Duh Boss says:

which pixelmon are you using?

no School Summer says:

Replace butterfree

Jazza_24 LeLJazzaLeL says:

I luv seeing jeromes face

Ryan Rules says:

Jerome keep killing people be the strong slayer

Wally Noureen says:

Yo Jerome you need to teach Jon how to play minecraft

Ryan Rules says:

Plz never cancel this serese pls

christine bischoff says:

I love your poixlome videos

CJ Roberts says:

Nice Posture

Sammien8r C says:

Does trading Pokemon make them evolve?

John Doucette says:

what about choco the evve wisperer is he coming back

Guy Dukas says:

your server is not work is need forg what is the forg and the ather stuff that i need

Joeysoccer dude says:

I excited for sun and moon

Dezerk gaming99 says:

jerome is on drugs

Sammien8r C says:

Preston already quit at 5:13

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