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Today we play Minecraft Pokemon Lucky Dip with the Pixelmon Mod!
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Obviously Cat says:

Do a 100 pokemon battle

Monkey Maniacs says:

:54 watch how Ben flys up to throw the master balls xd

Robert Wheeler says:

why you no use pixelmon dark or reborn (grammar mistakes on porpoise haha get it porpoise because its a grammar mistake no?

Isabella Noelle Objero says:

8:00 Ben he popped in cause he is Mary Poppin and telling a story that occurred in May which is also the month of Mary

temmie milner says:

Only water types

Snakemasterian 34 says:

U guys should do morphing into pokemon hide and seek

Tommy Ecotec says:

Actually Jermone, Psychics being weak to bugs does make sense. Psychic types are weak to dark, ghost, and bug. Notice what they all have in common? They're all common fears, and fear affects the mind.

snIpEr _SigHt says:

Epic mega legendary at 49:49

Ashcash Gaming says:

Honestly i believe ben didnt cheat bc hes dumber than a stack of nails when it comes to pixelmon

R A Y R A Y says:

uh glitch curse didnt work golett is ghost so it shouldve inficlted damage

Sarah Mooney says:

tewtiy has your xbox.

Sarah Mooney says:

tewtiy has your xbox

Sarah Mooney says:

tewtiy has your xbox

Sarah Mooney says:

tewtiy has your xbox

The Dino Gamer says:

i bought a shirt and i didn't get my pony imma sue u if u dont send the pony to 400 Park Plaza Dr, Secaucus, NJ 07094 dont look it up…

Dragon Slayer says:

lol me and my friends ship each other all the time

DarkKnight290 says:

3:02 I thought Blissy said something totally different then what i thought lol

Kingb says:

they stupid, in mexico they dont even celebrate 5 de mayo

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