Epic Minecraft Castle! Alca’zar by lmdohar and lavakid88 – Castle Contest Winner

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Conquest Castle Contest Results – http://forum.ravand.org/index.php/Thread/489

I build on the http://www.ravand.org/ (ip-ravand.org) 1.7.10 minecraft creative server! Come by and join us 😀
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Music Used –
Reverie by Vindsvept – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvZtz…
Laid Back Guitars Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Outro – Vindsvept “As We March” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QBKY…


Jordan Shultz says:

Having water flowing under the structure could potentially cause foundation damage. Also if the attacking forces could poison the water it could be a danger there, but with that stream it seems unlikely to happen. I would be mainly concerned from a structural stand point.

MrPeterGoldman says:

You're too used to building fantasy stuff, but medieval castles didn't have a lot of living space. Their primary purpose was to be a defensive position. They were usually a lot smaller than people picture them to be.

MrPeterGoldman says:

When you mentioned the apple juice. Were you talking about "Sidral Mundet"? xD

MrPeterGoldman says:

I spent most of my life in the Iberian Peninsula. This is actually a very good representation.

The Greyest says:

Please. Never. ever, do that accent again. :/

Dipe Arbore says:

It's definitely not a palace, a palace is not build to defend yourself a castle is. Real live castles are most of the time not that big and can be really cramped. you only see huge castles in movies and on television.

Shaka Plays says:

they have the Apple soda you're looking for at taco bell. It's called "Manzanita Sol".

GrandTheftFuntage says:

duk what was the prize for 3d place xd i have yet to claim it

Gronkki D. says:

"El Fuerte" means "the strong"

im JEDI says:

Feyo is ugly i think it said fire or firey

j vanhierden says:

I knew that or this one, or frans166's castle would win as they were both really awesome! they did both a great job.

Christopher Price says:

You made this?

Pieter van Briemen says:

Lol this is as good as ur castles 🙂 no just kidding, almost as good

Hock Stroup says:

When will u get back to streamin the castle?

seb bellavia says:

love these castles, do you think that ravand/conquest would benefit from an Instagram account?

ShuffleFinn says:

Hey Dukonred1! Im hosting a project and i love your builds, I would like to invite you, and if you want some more info, Contact me on skype



Smurf Masher says:

would you allow me to enter? I build on Xbox one though. Check my vids.

Oliver P says:

Attackers could poison the water, if they were to throw a corpse in there, preferably a victim of disease.

Elliot Fisk says:

hey, what happened to survival. I miss it.

Klinety66 says:

apple cider that is cinnamon light and sprite. manzanita sol is my life man.

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