EPIC Minecraft Castle Tour

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Hey guys, this is my first video on this channel, and I thought that it would be good to start with a quick tour of one of my MineCraft creations. Please tell me what you guys think! Also, feel free to suggest ideas for future videos. If you’d like me to post a link to download this world and explore it for yourself, just comment below. Are there any parts of this world you’d like to see in future videos?

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koben zimmer says:

I know I'm late but that castle is really good, but the only thing I would change is that the castle seems so… empty as in unfurnished, like put some stuff in some of the rooms

Dylan Mckeen says:

little late to the party but plz add furniture and a download

P Spiers says:

can you post/send a download link??

MaddieTDM says:

you need to let ppl download this map it so cool do u think u could make one for Minecraft PE

ghina villanueva says:

please add some furniture inside like painting's

PinkishPurpleGirl says:

Castle outside ? CASTLE INSIDE ??

Dziugas Ramanauskas says:

it's a fuckin maze!

Smurf Masher says:

Nice video. You need to add detail to the walls and interior. add some curves as well. Some circular towers would help. And add roofing! Wouldn't take much and it truly would be awesome. Good job though.

Running_Boy_12 says:

I love the castle, but it would be nice to see more stuff in it. Like paintings and furniture and stuff.

Jozet Michael Kara are cool says:

i liked the first one you should make a thrown in the 1 great hall

Darling Charming! says:


j vanhierden says:

can you send me the download?

Susana Blanco Ruiz says:

IP!!!!! XD

This is epic says:

I like the second great hall more. I'd love to see the mine in the future, too. Liked and subbed.

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