EPIC Minecraft GREEN PVP Texture Pack + FREE Download!!!

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► Download & Credit
– Creators Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC37bJ7xm_zDcR605eRldaMg
– Original Video http://youtu.be/Tx9xmGMtygA
– Free Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/5v13e1goe9n9jp9/Emerald+Green+TP.zip

► Social Media & Links
– GFX Shop https://sellfy.com/ImTully
– Twitter https://twitter.com/ImTullyYT
– Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/ImTully
– Public Skype: TheDiamondGecko
– PMC http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/imtully/

► Servers
– Huddo Prison: prison.huddocraft.com
– Dream Factions: DreamFactions.mcpickle.com
– UHC Zone: us.uhc.zone
– Abolished PvP:
– Hypixel: mc.hypixel.net
– MCGamer: au.mcgamer.net (Australia)

► Friends
– InfernusJono: https://www.youtube.com/InfernusJono
– SoulnexPlays: https://www.youtube.com/SoulnexPlays
– EVMGamingful: https://www.youtube.com/EVMGamingful

► Equipment
– Microphone: Blue Snowball (White)
– PC: Custom
– Keyboard: Razer Deathstalker
– Mouse: Logitech G502
– Headset: Gamescom 406
– Drawing Tablet: Wacom Intous Pro (Medium)
– GoPro: Hero3 White Edition
– Webcam: Microsoft HD 3000 (Shoutout to JackHuddo)
– Chair: Bathurst Racing Chair (Blue)

► Video Settings
– 1080p
– 40FPS

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– Please refrain from swearing excessively in the comments as I do have younger viewers
– Please do not fight with other users in the comments
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No one is forcing you to donate money to me, but if you want to support me further feel free to directly put money into my paypal
PayPal: ImTully.Games@gmail.com

► Business Inquiries
If you would like to talk business with me, the most efficient way of contacting me fast is to email me at ImTully.Games@gmail.com Please do not email me irrelevant topics that aren’t beneficial and will waste my time. If you want to lesiurely chat with me please add me on my public skype: TheDiamondGecko

► A Message to you guys
I’d like to thank every one of you people for watching my videos. It honestly means the world to me that I can get up every morning with a smile on my face knowing I have a fan base supporting me on every video I create, and boosting my self esteem. You guys changed my life, and though I am only a small YouTuber, this is the most important thing in my life so I cannot thankyou enough for this.

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Splerf & Nalbis says:

Man, that is pretty green

Parah says:

Just my opinion Tully but these pack reviews are not putting your
commentating/speaking skills to good use. Don’t post what other people
want, post what you find fun to make and what you would enjoy watching
yourself. This isn’t an insult just a speculation :P.

AbsentMinded says:

Why did you grief my server

Gustavitox17 says:

Tully, what is the intro song?? 

tinykitty girl says:

Thanks tully :-)

Yasin Arda İşgüzar says:

ImTully please make a Gold or Yellow Pvp pack please

KrisMinecraft10 ツ says:


silverxtx says:

Good pack but practice on ur PvP

AbsentMinded says:

He threatened me, what else do I do

El Panda says:

Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

Brandon Gama says:


Kostadinka Siljanovska says:

its name is GREEN texture pack and the bed is …. BLUE …

RareBears says:

Ik this is a wierd question but how do you make your hand or what ever you
holding in your hand not move when you run? like you have it and its really
annoying with mine :/

AbsentMinded says:

I spent $60 on that server, now down the drain

treyx1 Th3B3st says:

kak se kazva taz pesen we god e

_Spliggy Sploggy_ says:

Lol, that last bow shot to kill them xD #Mlg

jh pvp says:

do u ever talk

Mr ProGamerPlays says:

Hey! Im a New Subscriber And I am Wondering how Have I never known you lol
but Keep up the terrific work plus did you make you’r intro

KilledOrBeKilled PvP says:

Someone has the same Green pack as this

Joky Pvp says:

My internet Was so laggy

AbsentMinded says:

That was pasha

Das Donkey says:

Anyone know the intro music?

Pootellax says:

Taco texture pack? lol what about Black Texture pack i would love it cause
my ign is xBlackVenom :3 maybe Black and red ? :D

WOWPvP says:

Create the yellow pack

PoweredPows says:

its low fire?

miguel landeros says:

Nice pack I’ve been looking for one like this for a while thanx

Pinkoreos2737 says:


BajanAustralianMC says:

thanks tully

treyx1 Th3B3st says:

как е ип на тоз сервер

Stif Wix says:

poor thespektator lol

Dimond foxy Cookie says:

Super cool

Joky Pvp says:

Lol ty for the regeneration also look at mah skills ;D he he i suck

Ciet Plays says:

What’s this song called

Lucas Knightplays says:


AbsentMinded says:

What have you done

II XtseeGaming II says:

Amazing pack!

Joky Pvp says:

Im in there 

iCane says:

Luv ya for that packs <3

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