Epic Minecraft Medieval City Timelapse – The Waterfall City [Part 1]

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Hello to you – the only one who reads this. Were back with a little timelapse. We’ve started this project nearly 2 years ago and never finished it. Here is the first part. If you want the next one be sure to drop a like. We’ll be working on it.

music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuaM1romA3c


ttezlowa says:

I dont like the streets

Shiro Blank says:

Tekstur pack?

nasaska says:

Dude?! is this possible to build 😮 How many days you spend to build that… Congratulations 😀

Nagsal says:

its beautiful

Nafis ul Islam says:

The new Elysium Fire – Now Czech Timelapse

malthe petersen says:

How much are these clips sped up?

Paulipan says:

Wow. Thats amazing!

Willie_ says:

Hi, i loved the build, it gave me a load of inspiration to build sorta like this 😀 You can see what i've done on my channel..
Don't have to though lol. btw John Uferbach it right.

rama eka says:

what shaders do you use?

CheatersCZ says:

Hodně fucking dobrý Craftmane 😀 !

Дракон-хирург says:

If you are using Conquest then you have to worry about details. There is a lots of blocks. It's looks just like monotone curved piece of rock with the roof. Pls remember about grass and water. What they are doing to the rock. There is no realistic there. Still you have done well.

X MUFF3N MAN X says:

So um…..I need someone to teach me to get this good.

Alexandre Barcelos says:

What texture pack and shaders you guys are using ?

The timelapse it's just amazing.


Mix Gaming says:


JDenceMCbuilder says:

I honestly thought minecraft timelapses died, thanks for reviving it

alex croes says:

All this work for 1k views omfg need more!!!

ThatOneLad says:

looking for members of my medical server excavators and builders send me a message on Xbox one : Rum And Cokes
thank you

Twan Oliemans says:

Hey Czech Timelapse i have a server and i have a question for you do you want to build a spawn and pvp map for me of course you ask something to give you and i respect that what do you want say it to me thnx

Adell Rezacova says:

when I saw for the first time, I thought, it is Pracuje with the Old Town square. IT is so epic 🙂
hoši, povedlo se Vám to 😀

ShuffleFinn says:

are you guys intrested in a project?

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