Epic Minecraft Monument!! Minecraft Timelapse

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Thank you for watching today’s episode! I hope you enjoyed my minecraft timelapse of this epic minecraft monument! Please subscribe and reach my goal of 50,000 subs!
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Cheatstapher J says:

pretty epic terraformist/archy … do you have a server ?

AliveSpark 343 says:

Shannoty you are awesome builder!!!

coo game tv says:


coo game tv says:

I do not think it's a game minecraft it's a great skill.

Mafia says:

Keep up the great work!!!

Michael Zheng says:

I remember when u were only at 8k. Keep up the great work! 😀

Red panda gaming 2017 says:

Can i plz have a shout out i was Claty1505

Daniel Curi says:

Whats program do you use for create this maps?

dennis van noord says:

And thats all. All lines straight . you suck . 😖

ElMachoGooDLY! says:

What shader used?

Marek Poláček says:

Are you using WorldEdit? Because the timelapse looks like you're editing the world outside, not using simple blocks placement technique…

Miusosoup Minecraft says:

Miusosoup Minecraft channel is cool

The TryhardNoob says:

How many build battle wins 😀

Ulyk says:

Wow fastest rowing youtuber? I subbed at like 4k loll

Samed Of Rivia says:

How You Can Do? Can You Say Me the program you used

Dale Fetalvero says:

what is this monument? im curios.

Vikas Nimkar says:

Which app do you take for build

Rudy Melon says:

Wow epic 😍

Kassar says:

pls tutorial about building <3

Angel Caban says:

Awsome content.

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