EPIC Minecraft Spike Island Timelapse | Spikeasaurus

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Steamer Traveler says:

Could you make your builds downloadable? Cause I really like your builds and it would be awesome if you do it!

Swedish PRO Gamer says:

You are good

StarPlayer_YT says:

Next Time Build an Epic Pyramyd Combined with a City and a crystal on top of The pyramid

Supreme Emperor says:

Amazing Build Spike a Saurus! Keep up with the good work! Can't wait to download the world!

EZDX Osgar says:

Did I want one:);)

Sebastian Garcia says:

Links donwload?

Axel Evans says:

Sort of Greek feel

Walex 40002 says:

How long did this take…. Great Video and great building SPIKE

AmberJay says:

If I tried to build this, I would fail so badly. 😂 Just looking at the end result has be thinking: H-HOW???? THIS IS AMAZING!!

Alicia 7078 says:

u build awesome stuff!!!!! ^-^

William H. Thorsen says:

Woooooah, dude

BLACK 1 says:

like herobrine castle

FirePow says:

I love creative builds like this! Music went well with it too!

Supreme AMV says:

Pleas be my teacher!

Mr Red Beats - Minecraft Tutorials! says:

Very Sexy Video Buddy!!

noahsuchus says:

Creates lava biome
Proceeds to build large structure consisting primarily of wool

DragonScale Gaming says:

Rapid build -_-

hunter gamerz says:

You deserve more subscriber and like

pig3000 pro says:


James Bobber says:

You should send that to hypixel for a skywars map

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