Epic Minecraft Zoo!

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Enjoy your tour around this large epic Minecraft Zoo which contains all the passive mobs (animals) in the game as of the date of this video. Each animal has it’s own unique enclosure. This zoo includes:
Pigs 00:25
Cows 00:48
Parrots 01:08
Rabbits 01:53
Sheep 02:17
Wolves 02:32
Bats 03:10
Squids 04:02
Mooshrooms 04:40
Chickens 05:36
Snow golems 06:07
Polar Bears 06:38
Ocelots 08:14
Horses/Donkeys/Mule 09:10
Llamas 10:47


Dominic Folsom says:

no hate, just theres no iron golems?

H Mirah says:

How do you record?

Denise Willets says:

Heyo mat. It seems like your fans are enjoying your stuff! I say? You play on the playstation or the xbox. I do playstation and computer. The next best thing to do is make a series or make a server so fans can play with u.
Sincerily drawsycat. :3

HeyItsLucy x says:

Cool Vid 👍🏻

Brooke Rosesky says:

Omg ur zoo is amazing! 😍 can u sub to me?

Sophia Loren says:

You zoo are parfect

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