Epic Minequest 2 – 3D Lava Test

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This is a test for Epic Minequest 2


Prakash Basnet says:

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creamieevolution says:

I just wasted four whole seconds of my life….. D:

NodePoint says:

This is Sam's second channel for incomplete animations, parts of his animations and how he made it.

WishItWasLonger says:

I can make this look so much better if you let me

Dillon says:

Hey Captain Sparklez!! U know u can make this defense mecenisum where when u are finishing your roof top in MINECRAFT u can putt an extra block on rack corner and edge so the spiders don't climb up on your roof and when u come out a spider comes on u!!!

Equil0x says:

Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (low battery 20%)ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

FzzLe says:

how long did this 4 seconds take you?

Michael Craftify says:

release minequestx

James says:

Best 4 seconds of my life.

Cool printer says:

add textures

boemchak says:

It's a banjo!

itmfnd12 says:

ffffffffffffffUCK! What am I looking at? ^ I keep refre'shing and nothing happen's.

Sascha Bergsma says:

Description = This is a test for Epic Minequest 2

Channel Moved to .youtube.com/user/carlozpawnproz says:

Looks awesome cant wait for full Video

Visitors From Dreams says:

Might as well just record yourself in creative mode and super impose the characters later.

Mackeean says:

Why put this on youutube?

Matt Patterson says:

im guessing theres some textures to be added? XD

MrDubWorld says:

I wonder if that hole has something to do with the rabbit falling down the hole.

gkjzhgffjh says:

… … …. ….. ……. ……. O.o

OddSomeCraig says:

*head scratch*

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