EPIC MINEQUEST 5 | “Steve meets Herobrine” by Sam Green Media

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—v— Credits, Special Thanks & About the Episode —v—

— About this Episode —
“Our heroes Epic Quest takes a turn for the worse… Secrets uncovered, Kidnapping and Death! Find out what happens next on Epic Minequest…”

— Author’s Comments —
”Over 12 months in the making I along side with James Lee and help from a handful of other artists have finally been able to tie this forever evolving behemoth of a cartoon down. The longer this project was delayed the more pressure grew to produce an adequate sequel. Never had I expected it would grow to this level of production and it wouldn’t be half of what it is without the help from the very talented individuals listed below. Some even refusing to accept payment. I couldn’t do it without you guys!”

— No Voices Dub Version —

— Credits —
Writer, Director & Animator
Sam Green [http://bit.ly/SamGreenMediaYT]

Visual & Special Effects
James Lee [http://bit.ly/JamesLeeYT]
(Color Correct, Line Treatment, Special Effects)

Additional Animation
– Geo Exe [http://bit.ly/GeoExeYT]
(Pixel Scene)
– Twisted Grim [http://bit.ly/TwistedGrimYT]
(End Card Animation/Dragon Concept Art)
– Resh Anims [http://bit.ly/ReshAnimsYT]
(Dragon Dust Effect)
– Haylizibeth [http://bit.ly/HaylizbethYT]
(3D Renders – Epic Minequest 5 Logo & Sam Green Media Logo)

– David Dixon [http://bit.ly/ShockyDYT]
(Creeper, Steve, Zomb & Bones)
– Jon Bailey [http://bit.ly/JonBaileyYT]
(Epic Announcer Voice)
– Sam Green [http://bit.ly/SamGreenMediaYT]
(Enderbrah, Herobrine, ZomBae, Neil, & Himself)

– Steve Duzz [http://bit.ly/SteveDuzzYT]
(Various Tracks & End Credits)
– Animattronic [http://bit.ly/AnimattronicMusic]
(Dream Sequence)
– Tom Ryan [http://bit.ly/TomRyanSC]
(Trailer Music)
– Real Faction [http://bit.ly/RealFactionYT]
(Logo Track)
– AudioMicro.com [http://bit.ly/1Gz5ovF]
(Various other Royalty Free Tracks)

— Special Thanks —
To anyone who has donated, commented, liked, shared, followed, subscribed, emailed, tweeted, declared love for, snapped and generally supported me throughout this endeavor. I could not have done it without you!

Thank you to:
– Frederator Studios for the resources of sound and music.
– Vessel for giving me extra opportunities to fund my projects.
– Spreadshirt for operating my Online Store.

And finally Thank you to all my friends and family who were understanding when I simply couldn’t make time for them.

— Follow me–
– My Website: http://SamGreenMedia.com
– My Patreon: http://Patreon.com/SamGreenMedia
– My Shop: http://SamGreenMedia.Spreadshirt.com

I’m also hang around at:
– The Jam Cave: http://TheJamCave.com
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– Google+: http://Google.com/+SamGreen
– Instagram: http://Instagram.com/SamGreenMedia
– Snapchat: SamGreenMedia


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