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► WATCH NOW: http://vessel.com/samgreen // ON VESSEL
► WATCH NOW: http://bit.ly/EpicMinequest5 // ON YOUTUBE

► Q. Why is it on Vessel before YouTube?
► A. I will still upload all my videos to YouTube. However I will be uploading all my content to Vessel 7 days earlier. Vessel offers much more support it’s content creators as well as rewarding creators who have fans subscribe through their links. It’s a great way to reward those fans who really want to support creators like me.

Vessel also has a free 30 days sign up trial: http://vessel.com/samgreen
If you find you don’t like Vessel, you can cancel anytime within the first 30 days and you won’t be charged… So that’s a pretty safe way to see Epic Minequest 5 😉

► About the Production of Epic Minequest 5:
Over 12 months in the making I along side with James Lee and help from a handful of other artists have finally been able to tie this forever evolving behemoth of a cartoon down. The longer this project was delayed the more pressure grew to produce an adequate sequel. Never had I expected it would grow to this level of production and it wouldn’t be half of what it is without the help from the very talented individuals listed below. Some even refusing to accept payment. I couldn’t do it without you guys!

► Epic Minequest 5 Credits
Writer, Director & Animation:
– Sam Green

Visual & Special Effects:
– James Lee

Additional Animation:
– Geo Exe (Pixel Scene)
– Twisted Grim (End Card)
– Resh Anims (Dragon Dust)

– David Dixon (Creeper, Steve, Zomb & Bones)
– Jon Bailey (Epic Announcer Voice)
– Sam Green (Enderbrah, Herobrine, ZomBae, Neil, & Himself)

– Tom Ryan (Trailer Music)
– Steve Duzz (Various Tracks & End Credits)
– Animattronic (Dream Sequence)
– Real Faction (Logo Track)
– Various other Royalty Free Tracks

3D Logo Renders:
– Haylizibeth (Epic Minequest 5 Logo & Sam Green Media Logo)


Dj Simmons says:

video was made on my birthday

Anime Gamer 13 says:

Cant wait for part 6

Greg Avenail says:

This is a bigger hype than God damned Spongebob: Truth or Square

Daniel Chavez says:

Sup Sam green

gamerman mario says:

what cheese has been like a thousand years ever since the 4th One

gamerman mario says:

what cheese has been like a thousand years ever since the 4th One

Abiram Chordan 44 says:


Huslen Narka says:

sam make more animation
i  like it

Anonymous Person says:

I love you

Darlene Recio says:

Your awesome!!!!XD

Crystal Lin says:


SnowLeopardLove PlaysMC says:

Plz say theres another epic mini quest its soooooo good
i love your channel sooooo much plz make another one

Official “BPB” Boompowboy247 says:

Sam, can you give me a screenshot of 0:35 so i can use it as a wallpaper? +Sam Green

Natalia Diaz says:

super bueno tus videos cuando lo subiras en español que no se nada de ingles

Emalie Hostetler says:

whens number 6???

Bogusia BS says:


Tyler Robinson says:

Make another video

MasterJay Henriquez says:

Thank you for this man I love it

Christopher Bustillos says:

Make mine quay 6 pleas

DatPikachu doh says:


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