Epic Minequest 6 Update + Twitch Stream Highlights Ep 1

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Sam Green says:

This is a reupload with more info on the Epic Minequest 6 Kickstarter and what's coming to my channel in the future. I want to keep making Animations, so just keep on supporting me with all my content and we'll make GOOD SHIT HAPPEN!!!

Support on my Twitch channel especially appreciated!

the cat lover says:

I used to watch epic minequest in 2014 or 13 I stopped watching cuz I thought epic minequest was dead

Océane Gaming says:

Oh my god ! I've been following you for so long, I'm so happy for you Sam ! When I saw your number of subscribers, I was like "Omg 😱 I million soon ?!😱" You deserve it, you do such a great work ! I love you, I love your videos ! Keep on your good work, it's always a pleasure to see your videos 😁❤ (sorry for my bad english, I'm French 😅)

super pants pants super says:

#samAAMA how do i get a illustration job for you sam???

super pants pants super says:

#sam green can you give me a cartoon illustrater for you

game ninja says:

Pls make more Minecraft videos

Huy Nguyễn says:

i really want your film

Huy Nguyễn says:

i want you make a film you and your kangaroo budy, please

WinCraft Bg says:

if its possible to buy charles be sure that you will get a lot of money

DELTAGUN7674 says:

I cannot wait for epic mine quest 6 it is one of my favorite series ever

CV Anims says:

Love the intro, sir!

WishWazBoss says:

Queer mustache m8

Super Craig says:

Subs españoles v:

Super Craig says:

Ñññññ aguante argentinaaaa v:

iBryan says:

Nobody cares about epic minequest anymore, dude

jeffy cena says:

Road to 1million guys 🙂

Aaron Stafford says:

Sam green you should collaborate with "draw with jazza"

IceBro Gaming!!! says:

Shave your mustache.

Uma loli qualquer :3 says:

Sam Green=South america Memes Verde

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