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Creepers just want to be left alone but that’s not always the way things work out! When a mysterious visitor kidnaps a Creeper’s best buddy, he takes matters into his own pixely hands! Join Sam Green in watching what happens when you mess with a Creeper!

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Davis Tale says:

Charles is the best =3

davidholanda1 says:

107 facts about SMG4

Castiel Novak says:

Whats the song in the beginning

Adventure Of Bucket Boy says:

107 facts about dragonball z

The tall dwarf says:

BoomBoomMan O__O

ZuukerDraws says:

Sam green, Frederater loves you.

jeffrey blankenship says:

ok CartoonHangover, Tired of your crap and have already unsubscribed. You PROMISED us that season 3 of Bravest Warriors would be out this spring. Well spring has already come and gone and we, fans of the show, deserve AN EXPLANATION!!!!! Quit rolling around in all the money that you make from your crappy merchandise, (I know because we sell it at the store that I work at), and get off your lazy asses, and either deliver on your PROMISE, or give us an EXPLANATION! (Not a list of 107 excuses, either).

Banter says:

Woah for a second I thought the thumbnail said Sam…Pepper…

Juan Carlos Inclán says:

Please Bravest Warriors!

Saphire Leo says:


Tristan Gross says:

At least give us an update on the production of BW

Yoonsoo Lee says:

The channel's name is cartoon hangover, yet the last animation they uploaded before this was 3 weeks ago, and it's not even their original cartoon… might as well change your name to "107 facts hangover".

Gamer Flozer says:

Creeper voice 🙁

Shar Weehunt says:

It's been almost 2 years wat happened to bravest warriors and cat bug😭😭

Iguana Guacamole says:

I am so sick of all these fucking sponsors…

Dreamers Studio says:

Can you do facts about Lego ninjago

Sega456 says:

Voice acting is completely different exept that real good vid

Ryan Monahan says:

Sooo… Umm, are the writers getting things done, getting back from a (most likely needed) vacation, or just having a problem going on?

Chancho says:

Make a new Bee and Puppycat!!!!! 🙁

The troublemaker says:

107 about pixels

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