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Mike Hanoun says:

Jerome why did you not use the max revive you could ave lives but you choosed not to and how do I get the pixelmon mod

Braedon Wong says:

Ha apply bday papa bac

Trevaless' Tales says:

If you liked Tewtiy's joke sub to me XD

redpanda gaming says:

tell him I said happy b day

Andrew Jarvis says:

#mash patateows

NathanGaming 101 says:

update to pixelmon 1.10.2

BrawDillGames12274 1 says:

hey blade can I be a mod on pokelb old era world 2 so I can make it more apealling at spawn

Shadow Wolf362 says:

Ayyyyyeeeee LUCARIO

Ethan McNichols says:

there is no punch line. greatest joke ive ever heard

Luis Rodriguez says:

how do you download the mod?

Jeremiah Moore says:

Jerome is beastly man

Tyler Heinlein says:

lol 34:30

Pink Pickles says:

if anyone sees this please like or comment about trollpack Jerome didn't even do a proper finally

Julian Garcia says:

Hi can you say to blade I said hi

Suze lowe says:

Just got on this vid and i'm surprised that it was made 19hours ago

Beco Plays says:

hey Jerome I know I'm late but say late Happy birthday to your dad for me
I was really busy yesterday and couldn't come to the streams

Khadija Khan says:

I can't enjoy this as much as the old pixelmon island, that was like how to minecraft. You're already interactive with your fans, Jerome, and putting too much in is spoiling it. You prestoned out of trollpack too. Please at least wrap that one up.

Fraser Wolff says:

get a rayquasa

Fraser Wolff says:

big buts

Aidan Brady says:

happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday papa bacca happy birthday to you

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