Epic Treehouse | Minecraft #2

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The Best Treehouse Ever!
Previous Video: http://bit.ly/GVsDZL
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PointlessBlogGames says:
Mehek Khan says:


Shriku sriram says:

sooo funny beacause its nooby,Crafty box i laughed so hard

Liv Stef says:

That was the best treehouse ever

toni millburn says:

I just loved it lol when jai said have you got ladders in your house didn’t
think soooooooo LOO

Josephgames says:

I have a tree man name for Alfie he could be called the vine climber

Roxanne McWilliams says:

When I seen the sheep i started saying (baba a baba bana baba a baba bana)

brian goncalves says:

your junle name sould be jeff

Fantablus with rainbow sprinkles on top says:

This is painful to watch.

Claudicat says:

Who is watching in 2015?

Mxckingjay Melody says:

Have you got ladders in your house???????????????????
Didnt think soooooooo

Harriet Parkes says:

You should be called oakie

conkieplaysgames says:

like if you are watching 2 years after!

molly watson says:

Watching in 2015

sion perrott says:

Your tree name should be umbaca

Ava Caullay says:

That was very annoying because I could not see

lizz and lotsie cook says:

You could be called “the woodman “

Pete Klem says:

alfie dies

your welcome

mulenga Bob says:

Call ur self tree top

Zoe Sadik says:

I love when chain says have you got ladders in your house didn’t think so
lol☺ replayed that like a thousand times

EvaTV x says:

Don’t Craft


stanley large says:


Megan Hunt says:

Boo hoo

Gabriella Magliocco says:

Alfie you can be called Tarzan

Hannah Orangrad says:

Your tree man name should be Tarzan!

Katrina Coronel says:

best tree house everr

Fun Craft says:

Hello Alfie I am your biggest fan!!

Paola Garcia says:

i now right because alfie dosnt have a ibea weht his doing

BurgerVideos MSP says:

Yes Chai, I do have ladders in my house..
To go into my attic.

5 fabulous girls says:

More minecraft

Delaney Fischer says:

Why does Alfie call Chai Charlie

Ataahua Paul says:


Amy Holgate says:

Tree name….abbatang 

Pokemon Collector says:

Oakie or woody both wood names lol

Keira Morris says:

I think tree man for Alfie could be tarzan

Esma Ballerina says:

Me too. I think Alfie could be Tarzan!!:)

Kacey Banks says:

I have a name for Alfie Jumanji

bangbang gaming404 says:

Best tree house ever

Lillie Lucero says:


Ellie Hill says:

you could have Tarzan 

Nafisa Jeilani says:

Alfie u could be Tarzan. 

Holly Freeman says:


shadextrme says:

you can call him ivan

Michelle Bailey says:

Terry the tree

Kyle Ting says:

Altreedays same as Sophie rysgaard

Rowan Hughes says:

Ultimate survivor

geeekygurll23 says:


Hailey Goulden says:

Best Tree House EVER!! 

Aidan Wyatt says:

Cool man

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