Exploring a CURSED Minecraft Server? (SCARY)

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I found this strange cross in my Minecraft Server… But who put it there?
Server: play.darkscorner.net
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Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Dark Corners says:

Add my server to your list (play.darkscorner.net) & Follow me on Twitter! https://goo.gl/ahW6Mt

What do you think is up with the redstone torches?

boy .houisai says:

One time, I took a random teleport, and I ended up in a cave, I think it was strange because there were torches in it, and despite the evidince of someone being in it I did not find any enterance in it, there was a pit that goes down to bedrock, or the void (I can't remember) which I found strange as nobody could even escape the thin pit without flying… User : YelloSteve (houisai also works, if i had played the server)

Sasha Shields says:

srry 3:48 u can see the cross

Sasha Shields says:

at 3:25 you can all ready see the cross

Blaze Lords says:

hey, do /co I to those normal torches and see who put it there,and then you can ask him maybe

Hannah Stokes says:

Soul sand is only generated in the nether. It is used to make the wither and grow nether warts on.

zombie nerd says:

how did he not know what soul sand is (not hate)

David Jones says:

can you play this on mincraft pe

Alannah Work says:

A beriar block might be why the redstone torches are floating

Alannah Work says:

Soul sand is from the nether

Ramona Carolina Hernández Cuevas says:

i love all your videos

TravisKop says:

herobrine fake because its proved to be no codding of herobrine its fake

Mattozepp Gaming says:

soul sand is only in nether

Blagovest Velkov says:

and men this is null 29 this guy is real in minecraft i am finding null and i find this is crapy 😀

Sophie Muse says:

Dark, did you notice at 2;22 the lava was not glowing, I find that really creepy

Red J Warrior says:

How to make a scary video:
-Put scary music

But seriously this video would now be scary if there was no scary music

Winter horns says:

It does not natural spawn in the over world but in neather it does so go down that parth

Denie Madsen says:

oh and if you see any weird signs that say helping the different language and disease history also here's the crazy part he makes cross nether portals

Denie Madsen says:

was Herobrine there no it's Entity 303 Entity 303 makes crosses not Herobrine Herobrine it's actually the good guy too he's supposed to warn us from here from Entity 303

dodo aal says:

Did anyone see hero brine after dark saw soul sand on the ground at the end off the mineshaft hiding behind the last fence on the left where he passed the stone hanging from the ceiling 5:50 to 6:00 and u will see it

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