FINALLY! (Minecraft Pokemon) Pixelmon Island #8

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Welcome back to the Live adventures of Pixelmon Island Season 2!
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Liam Morabito says:

little baby

Luke MasterGamer says:

Danmit ! I missed the live stream in my birthday, but it's still awesome that the best episode went up

linwood96 says:

Have teams of 2 next tournament and dab on the hates

Jason Nicholss Setiawan says:

Love it when lachlan says shit in his minecraft channel😂

Mac Randall says:

You can find a Chaney in the Savannah when day maybe you can get lucky egg or eggs

Doge XOX says:

Damn I miss the stream

I was in school

Dave Vanhandsaeme says:

Get a exp all and use just 2pokemon in your party so you can use a macho brace for evs

Hazlenut says:

Lachlan remember vikk ow u item finder cause u got him the masterball

Dragon Tamer109 says:

Nice hair cut lachy

itzwisepotat o says:

It learns thunder fang at 20

[DRTM] Chicken says:

Lachlan you should try fast graphics it might help pixelmon run quicker

Mr. Gamming says:

It's Thursday in USA

Ali A Clare says:

love the vids -_-😜

Dina C says:

C'mon Lachlan, it's been 8 episodes and you've already had 2 swears in your streams😂(technically 3)

first ali drops an f-bomb, and then you casually say the s-word. also the b-word last stream but apparently you don't consider that a swear.

Tee mu Ehdu says:

Today is my little brother birthday

Tan La says:

Why did he crafted a sword ?

Cindy Roberts says:

Lachlan, it’s Friday in Australia now, not Saturday!!! Hahahaha

Kung_ Zack says:

How do u get this mod

SuperMarioArtist22 says:

Lachlan you should pay doni and rga to troll Mitch

mario jose cruz says:

Just wondering in tournament how lachlan can kill fire type easily?

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