FNAF Monster School: Sculpting – Minecraft Animation (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

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S2E05 of Minehub’s FNAF Monsterschool Series.

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Software Used: Mineimator
Music Creator: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Song Title(s):
Silly Fun
Professor Umlaut

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Ezio Autor De Granday says:

do you see me

Ezio Autor De Granday says:

I was there for just a second

Dixun Ang says:

what toy golden Freddy is a teacher?

Роман Ковынев says:


Роман Ковынев says:

Thank for you perfect video!

Анар Аманова says:

marionette самая крутая

мисс вика says:


Алёна Иванова says:

ты ахринел потому ты только той чику плакать заставил

Shadow Soldier says:

I saw ezio when you get to see the people first he's on the roof in the hanging position

Олег Шкурман says:

за. чику. не. прошу!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Белка Стайл says:

дабавь манго

Arthur Germinari says:

fnaf is coll

Jessica Sinclair says:

What the duck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#!!

Juicy Green says:

Is this guy sexist? Notice how the only one that loses is Toy Chica. Like wtf?

Мангл Мангл says:

просто класс пять звезд!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aurore Bouayad says:

0:15 assassin"s creed!

Andersen22 says:


Dj Ponce says:

I think in it bb is a drug dealer

Cliff Locklear says:

I hate it because it was a little bit about the same thing as a reference.??????????????????????????????????????

Isaac Sepulveda says:

i saw someone on the roof

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