FoolCraft 2 Modded Minecraft 03 Starter Loot Bag Farm!

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A good way to get going in a world is with loot bags! Lets build a loot bag farm in foolcraft!

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TokenGoodbud says:

U cant get glowstone from the chicken if all slots of the nesting pen are filled. They will be voided.

morteh says:

I want that hat!

Sc0peTF2 says:

1:57 Thats NOT how you pronounce Cobalt. Its Co-balt. You are not supposed to say to fast lol

Lucius T.O.P says:


Schmetterling says:

first thing xiuma does in a teams season is split off and go do a solo base outside the teams biome rip poor newbie beef

Jordan Sim126 says:

Please build a simple mob farm because it makes your jobs easier

MastereQ 634 says:

X, wooden tool rods gives more durability than stone tool rods

FunkyPlayz says:


Thucket says:

DONT compact the loot bags. Some useful items that are very important are exclusive to the lower levels of loot bags, having ample supply of all of them is the best way to go.

KHiLeGC says:

Can I join a discord server like iskalls discord server…can you guys help me to join invite me please my user name is ChaosSpree and I'm new to discord

Wolf ester says:

Just put hoppers under the spikes

Shark Bait says:

Omfg lol I wasn't paying much attention to the video and I look at my screen and see a nazi symbol made out of black penis at 9:12 wtf

Knucklepsy says:

Wait so where are all the other guys from episode 1? Are you guys no longer in groups?

MeLikeSoap says:

In my single player Foolcraft world, the bandits actually shoot you and they always one or two shot me! Could I change it in confit or something? I only wear furnace armor.

PI 31415 says:

Foolcraft hype!!!

Pizzz King says:

Loot bags are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get

little cheek 0 says:

Xisuma go back to your group

A9OOlbGorrila says:

you can make a key for the storage draws that locks them so if u take the last of a item out it saves what can be put into it handy for when u put some pipes onto the slime farm from the vacum hopper and fully automate it

MrHatoi says:

0:07 How could you not say day!! Disliked, unsubscribed, called the cops.

Kirsty Shadowdancer says:

Hey Mumbo – on the subject of rediculous piston doors. Why not use your twelve piston extended to make a twelve x three Piston Door 😀 (Waggles Eyebrows)

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