FoolCraft 2 Modded Minecraft 08 Mystical Agriculture Begins!

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This episode we start our new farming project!

Foolcraft 2 Livestream 23/09/17

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yoyofargo says:

Read the word "icosahedron" but letter by letter, slowly.

Deinonychus194 says:

You can use a Fertilizer Sprayer to fertilize dirt more efficiently, just 27 Chicken Poop and a 9×9 plot of dirt is fertilized! You use a Chicken Manure Block and a Water Bucket to get a bucket of Liquid Fertilizer, 3 of those buckets fills up a Fertilizer Sprayer, and one full Fertilizer Sprayer usually fertilizes a full 9×9 plot of dirt!

Recneps938 - says:

The supremium armor is the armor set that allows flight, it's also vary strong (the red armor), you could also make a supremium watering can

Xzendon Ultimus says:

Don't bother with bonemeal, just use the crystals above the crops, it's probably too fast if you completely top the farm with them.

FrostyPickle Studios says:


CrayB27 says:

X! Growth Crystal's effects compound! There is a quest that gives you upgraded growth crystals! Also, great build!

mitchan3763 says:

Makes me think of a roman bath house <3

Scawsome says:

If Mystical Agriculture is anything like Magical Crops, (Which it looks to be based off it),
Bone meal has no effect, instead it has some expensive magical fertilizer item.

M'v'tea. says:

3:45 i swear no one can read. CHOICE REWARD.

Kyle K. says:

X, I am using your more mob heads 1 and 2, and the hermitcraft advancement pack, and for some reason absolutely no shulkers are dropping shells, and I got 2 egg drops from the enderdragon that just dropped, and then there was the egg on top of the pillar… in addition of course to the elytra…

Tallslo Guy says:

X, instead of the purple water try using the hot spring water from the cow. Might work.

Davey_Rulez says:

Xisuma I started my YouTube channel yesterday, so you started exactly six years before me!!

Erik Bertram says:

I'm sorry for correcting you, but it is photo-VOLTaic as in the unit of electrical potential

Davey_Rulez says:

Never get rid of the Foolcraft intro music

621Chief says:

Beef is doing the chickens, X is doing mystical agriculture, whats false gonna do?

Ian R says:

The quest at the start was a choice reward – you picked the 3 loot chests (which was the right choice since legendary bags are common).

And don't worry, if you don't have enough inventory space, it will drop the rewards at your feet.

Ethan Reid says:

Hey X, you should use chicken manure from XB's chicken farm instead of the bonemeal in the farming station. It has the same effect as bonemeal, but you don't have to craft it. It simplifies things a bit.

tom marynissen says:

Make an unbrakeble mattdock!

Brandon Derr says:

X check out the immersive engineering: garden cloche it only grows 1 crop per cloche but it grows them stupidly fast

INFAL says:

Mystical Agriculture also has it's own growth accelerator block. They only affect the block they are below and you have to stack them in fairly large numbers to get a noticeable difference.

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