FoolCraft 2 Modded Minecraft 09 Farming Diamonds!

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Now we farming plentiful amounts of diamonds!

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Tim Kowalski says:

Seed processors are nice. Automate 4 or more to make essence for days.

Drake Rolands says:

Hey x can you do a hat challenge with all the others?? If not then that's fine I just wanted to know because I know a YouTuber who does hat challenges.

retnemmoc101 says:

X, you should change the handle on your cheap pickaxe to wood, it'll last longer due to having a better durability modifier, keep the "cheap" modifier from the stone pick head, and gain the "ecological" modifier from the wood (if the modifier is still the same as base tinkerers), meaning it passively repairs overtime (it's really slow, but again, it'll last a little a little longer).

PGrimp says:

I think that prismarine bits make the grass ones go unnoticed. Given that you can't get coarse dirt to get 'pale' like the biome, I'd try to bunch up more dirt bits between the (now fewer) prismarine. This will make their un-outlined texture get easily recognised. Keep up the good work X!

Jaundre Smit says:

It triggers me when he says “seed repossessors” its reprocessors you derp

synonia says:

For the seed reprocessor: Only place item conduits on one side of the ender chest, give the connection to the drawer controller a priority of 1 and connect the seed reprocessors with default priority of zero. This will make all essense go into the drawers and only place things in the reprocessors if it can't go into a drawer.

LiqwdE Teryx 4LE says:

Put the sides up first to work it out, then feel in. Looking good tho

Lisa Williams says:

I love the path!

Yanai Ron says:

Deer xisumavoid can I ask whats happand with hypno thank you for the great video

DudeZombie says:

So money does grow on treees

King Yt says:

Yo man u are good can u tell your subs to give me 1k plz that will be good 😂😂😂😂

. says:

I saw the thumbnail and thought he was growing pot. 😂

Oskar Iobst says:

You could have just made an unbreakable tinkers hoe

Omer Shahbaz says:

Just continue what your doing with the path, it looks amazing

Tmpod says:

There are spot loaders…. It's less Laggy using more spot loaders for more precise chunk loading than throwing a crap ton of chunk loaders every where

xisane says:

X, i dont realize the point of playing foolcraft is it building becuase if it is not then what is the point plz tell me

Jasper Verhasselt says:

x use void upgrades on the drawers it's better for the server

moonsong says:

Just wait until Beef sees that path, he will go nuts. He is totally Chisel&Bits&chicken atm xD

Wiwerse Windemer says:

Love the paths

AKGaming says:

Use drops of evil on the spawners, then you can create an ultra fast wither skeleton farm.

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