FoolCraft 2 Modded Minecraft 11 The Mysterious Sky Island!

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This episode I reveal my plans for our floating island!

Foolcraft 2 Livestream 03/10/17

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Lil Pip says:

place the island higher

Nick Knax says:

I guess I'll just say some things about Roman temples (how original based on what other people are commenting), and one thing about Roman temples is that they are meant to be looked at head on. The Roman ideal was to see the glory of the temple in two dimensions, having an open door which you can see the statue from the outside (later peoples added doors after the fall of Rome). The Greek ideal for temples was three dimensions, meant to be looked at from an angle to see the full structure. For any confused on what the difference is, Romans built so that it would be a building only entered from one side, and was only meant to be seen from one side, but Greek temples were often open structures, open to the elements and able to be entered from any angle or at least given two entrances to a symmetrical building. Also, the triangle part above the columns is meant to have a carving of an event or story. Not really relevant to a Minecraft build but it's an interesting tidbit

Heath Davis says:

Next episode you should work on building a giant power station that could supply your entire base with power ⚡️

Davey_Rulez says:

Aluminum (uh-loo-meh-num) please pronounce them right!!

Agentfatman says:

I get that its a pain… but if you uploaded your streams to youtube I would watch them here.

Sam Lennox says:


Trainspotting And More says:

if you want a sort of preview, look what scar did with the courthouse on hermitcraft season 4

Jay Blayk says:

Prosperity….ProspErity, ffs first achacha now this 😂 why are you saying ProspArity 😂 are you trying to invent your own language reeeeally slowly? Haha

Knattex says:

Make it so that the stairs is around the whole tempel, and not just in the front

Sunny Bear says:

Love the temple design, man!

Snjuro HD says:

It's too big for the island

CrepticMoon says:

Since the gap between pillars is 3 blocks, I recommend seeing how 3 block long roof tiles look (currently 2), and a 5 block long peak. Roman temples have some of the least steep roofs of almost every building era, so trying out what a more-flat roof looks like might be finding exactly what you want.

Joel Ellis says:

You should build your ME storage+auto crafting system in the base of the giant island.

Jake French says:

You can put a filter inside a filter so you don't need two transfer nodes

Highlandword9 says:


TRAN THI Thi says:

Do nether portal cause lag?
Plz answer me

Laura Mason says:

Loving the style of the temple, X. you could use the underneath as a sacred space for the most elusive of hermitrons.

Paul Murray says:

Use the golden ratio to dimension things for classical architecture. 1 : (sqrt(5)+1)/2 , about 1:1.616, or (more roughly) 2:3 .

ThatDankDuck says:

Why are you still wearing obsidian armour diamonds better and these a lot of other armours that will allow flight if you have the full set

Vasilis Tsiamanis says:

Xisuma a realy good build and because I live in Greece I know about them builds so keep up the good work

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