FoolCraft 2 Modded Minecraft 12 Rail Gun Fortification!

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This episode of Foolcraft we arm up to defend our beautiful biome!

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Mola Mola And Cats says:

You have probably used the absorption hopper things when doing sky factory

Jaime Futter says:

Yay you pronounced Icosahedron right

FaZe Willy5405 says:

number 1 is the best

louis george says:

you should chisle and bits a design on the front part of the roof

Matt Woertz says:

Use a laser turret instead. No ammo needed. To remove the turret from the base, go into the menu from the turret base and click drop turret. The laser turrets use quite a bit of power but won't need any ammo after it's powered.

Erv1k says:

Void upgrade ur drawers..

P3pp3rF1y says:

Xisuma try using mob mashers instead of the spikes. They are more expensive, but can get you both xp and drops as well as you can upgrade them with looting and sharpness.

amazingtato says:

3380 views 66 comments 339 likes youtube logic

Fiery iCataclysm says:

Xisuma you can just use an mob grinder to kill the mobs and obtain exp!

It just needs a lever to power it permanently

Hayley Rich says:

i voted for option number 2 i like the shape but think a different colour would work better

Wesam Vo says:

hey X, how about you use option 1 & 2 and possibly use different types and designs depending on where the turret is

Robin Roeland says:

number 1 looks cool idk wich one

Timur Simsek says:

Why don't you use mob mashers for killing slimes

Jun Fai Lee says:

I just realised Xisuma replies to comments…. I DERPED

Kukka Peill says:

i like the temple, but on the end of the roof, on the empty space, you should put something.

FlyingTurdNuggget says:

X remember to not go too crazy with chisel and bits because it takes so much time and you will get burnt out again like with the old foolcraft base!

JJCroc A.P. says:

Hey X,
The temple's 'base' marble on the right is flush with the inside of the furthest right pillar.
However, isn't symmetrical on the left hand side.

FlufyFurryJr says:

Search for "War commander turrets platform" as reference, they looks Soo damn cool

XxNamoun Z KunG4xX says:

I vote the first one
I vote it because I like both the first one and the prismarine but people vote prismarine so I vote the original

HiveInsiderComments says:

I quite like option No 2, but maybe you can make it from marble and actually attach it to the buildings you are protecting (Eg: the temple.)

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