FoolCraft 2 Modded Minecraft 13 Double Fool’s Bag!

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As well as fighting withers and building storage solutions we crack open two rare lootbags!

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Kenley Williams says:

I love the blue room

Bastien Guilbaud says:

Do loot bag give tinker's tool by default or is it only because or a config from this mod pack. If i only have tinker's and loot bag can it give me strong tools too ?

DevHunter /the hunter says:

no it doesn't work together

Nigel says:

23:3623:41 thats oresome btw loving the blocks it appeases me so

NeonWolf says:

Just have the elevator block one block beneath a blast proof block it works through it

MrKhalisto says:

So I jumped into a creative world just to see what it would look like… if you stack 9 tier 3 crystals below your farmland it grows the crop on that block almost instantly…. I made a 9x9x9 cube under a 9×9 set of crops and they grew faster than 5 farming stations could keep up with.

Sniper says:

please make a video of how to install this!

DummyHungry says:

Really great video Xisuma! I post minecraft videos too, if you check them out I'd really appreciate it thanks 🙂

Zhiyuan Wu says:

If it is not terribly difficult, you should change out the wooden drawers with the framed drawers so that you can design them with block textures.

Tomer Nahum says:

chisel & bit the walls of the room back 1 pixel

Lego Guy says:

Zero deaths

1NSANITY- says:

Why cant i get any Fools Bags in my FoolCraft world? I have a mob farm and have been using it for ages now but i haven't got any? Is there something ion the code i have to change?

Pencil GalleryInc says:

Throw some purple in there!

ZargonAnashi says:

I'm not a hug fan of the grey striped trim on the floor of the room, but the cobalt blocks look nice how you have them.

Sir Turtle says:

Less blue / different blue also better floor

MacGynan says:

X, with your lootbag ME system, you can place a Quartz Fiber cable to allow power through but not items/data.

Lam Kelvin says:

Why don't use sub network

HyraxAttax says:

Try using a "mod item filter," using an ingot from Tinker's Construct, Ender IO, and Thermal Foundation (You get to choose 3 mods per filter). You'll occasionally end up getting various slime blocks from Tinker's Construct and glass blocks from Ender IO, but you'll get almost all modded ingots with one filter (I think this just leaves Botania ingots).

Andrew Gelbmann says:

X make sure to set a higher priority for the compression drawers so that the system fills those first.

Ranma S says:

That Might be a team badge

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