FoolCraft Modded Minecraft 27 Taste The Rainbow!

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This episode we get our dyes to the city of Maybe and work on our loot recycling system

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Octeract GD / MC says:

Um, today is Saturday…

xgozulx says:

x the problem is your base, the other fools have no lag in city of maybe…

Frederick Grimste says:

why i their a communist propaganda painting behind the staircase, known as the "Red Wedge". Theory, False is secretly Jeremy Corbyn.

TheAlfak says:

Hey X, you can use diamond on ender chest to make private channel. It wont interfere with another hermit's ender chests.
And yes, as many already pointed out, elevators must be colored in the same color.

Wiejeben says:

Iskall has no Iscoins, so he cannot buy from you

still_lava115 says:

Sorry X, but shouldn't the orange slice be a tiny bit smaller?

TheDerpyDude says:

The two elevator blocks have to be the same color!

equestrian crafters says:

they won't work bc they be different colors.

adam hodgkinson says:

the word is custom x

r2d2 vs trains says:

remember to diamond your ender chests, otherwise someone else might accidentally steal your items

adam hodgkinson says:

there are mod specific filters so everything from one mod can be kept, then have everything you want to keep on a high priority to go in your system, everything else should go in a lower priority to the recycler

Benjamin Peterson says:

The orange is to tall on the sign


Double rainbow (¬‿¬)

TARDIS Films [YT] says:

Why do you (Xisuma)Void so many items?

adam hodgkinson says:

elevator only works with same colour

Pedro Rijo e Silva de Figueiredo says:

is very GOOD Work,… OMG!

Racernator De says:

Isnt it ironic that the dye shop is build out of grey and white bricks? So undyed bricks?

Hou Wan says:

What's the exchange rate between Iskcoins and 1 dollar bill?

DMGSilverfish 2807 says:

xsumavoid should make a single player series, 1 episode a week, vinilla minrcraft.

InfinityOverflow says:

X! You derp! It's not sunday yet!

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