FoolCraft Modded Minecraft 35 Bright & Shiny Interior

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In this episode we work on the insides of the fortress!

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Casey Wellington says:

Love the new end-game mod! Keep using it!

Joe G.P. says:

make the draconic armor and that giant power storage energy ball that holds a ridiculous amount of power

Snacker6 says:

X, before you get too far into Avarita, I want you to really look at those singularities. They require thousands of the associated blocks each, and you need 11 per infinity ingot. This is a rabbit hole that may just run a bit deeper then you are prepared for.

mlq1718 says:

Also, you need around 76 stacks of ingots for the full set of armor

mlq1718 says:

Okay, so you can't use normal pipes with avaritia machines, for the collectors, you can pipe out neutrons with conduits on hoppers beneath the machines

Alasdair Bowring says:

You say "The crazy amount of power the rainbow gen makes"… First, if u use certain blocks u can increase it, secondly, my sf3 base produces 13billion rf/t

TheRabidgoalie says:

Your going to NEED a DE energy core to store all of the power that your going to produce (plus, the look really cool too). I built a tier 8, but I have all of the chickens, so it was practically free to me. I really don't know that you will need one that large. I have the entire rainbow gen. system automated to turn on and off when there is enough resources to run it flat out, and I am only at 0.001% capacity. I have over 52 trillion RF stored already, and to be honest, I really don't know what I will do with all of the power that I have…but who cares! Its modded! 😀

Fabian Feichtinger says:

multiple woot farms at once, that all have different entities in them, than also have them running 24-7

Ewan Straver says:

can you add the old slime textures to th vanilla tweaks page

catsoften says:

as many quarrys as the rainbow generator can power

Diamondrel says:

Do u think u can paint the capacitor bank with a rainbow block like a controller?

Austin Abbott says:

You should make a moat and a drawbridge for the castle

Douglas Wong says:

stop saying very fine

TheWioreks says:

Go into Draconian Evolution with all the power. You can fusion craft things so fast. Also you could make a draconian super capacitor like Doc did, but make the highest tier, that can hold billions of RF

PcCrazii says:

i don't know why it makes me think about a hospital…

TheDoctor 907 says:

You should make a Draconic Evolution power ball. It's relatively cheap to set up, and holds an OBSCENE amount of power.

Paul Latsague says:

RfTools dimension, if it is in the mod pack, that's pretty much the first one that crossed my mind:)

Matthew Player says:

2:20 ‘Off by a FAIR amount’. You said 65000 in the last video and the actual one is 25000000, which is about 384.6 times what you said. It's definitely not a fair amount.

Comic Cons says:

Xisuma i challenge you to use only vanilla tools in the net follcraft episode

Ohad Yogev says:

you like black and white don't you?

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