FoolCraft Modded Minecraft 37 Rainbow Generator Activate!

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This episode we finally get the farm up and running!

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Richard D. says:

for the water, you could use the tank it works faster at filling than the water sucker think you have.

Not Your Everyday Timelord says:

Xisuma, just don't right click a block when you're filling bottles with dragons breath and you won't get ender air.

Land Richard says:

xisuma try making a afk Fisher with a mechanical user using a fishing rod

callummelb says:

Im pretty sure that Refined Storage supports Chisels & Bits so you can do the depth effect below the generator (At the start of the video)

Garrett Kemp says:

I would suggest using phantom phases on the rainbow gen because it outputs 25mil per side and also haven't flux plugs with the power limit off so if you hook up 100 phantom phases you will got whatever 25mil x 25 is

Jost Bertalanic says:

xisumavoid you should make a draconic evolution energy core for the rainbow generator

Sebastian Lindgren says:

xisuma ender io has a machine for the redstone 28:24

Blink .r.a says:

add diamonds to ender chests

Simon Fröhlich says:

The enchanter from ender io might be able to auto enchant (needs lapis and an indicator ingreedient wich you could easyly farm) but you would probably have to set up a filter

xXCRO RIXx says:

focus on mod called draconic evolution it has the strongest armour in the game

MrKentucky says:

Maybe an Automatic/AFK-fishing farm for the enchanted books. Or are the fishing farms also forbidden on the Foolcraft server.

gamenmetfloris says:

You can fill bottles with dispensers

funky27 says:

whaaaaaat ur trashing energy u can never have enough energy

Max Merkert says:

Hey X!
Why dont you empty all those single capacitor banks into the big one in the middle?

Stav Zeevi says:

Use enderio power monitors to output a redstone signal when the capacitor empties and stop when it fills up

funky27 says:

woot for the dragon breath

Fahlur says:

Woot is WAY too OP for draconic evolution xD, all it did was make Draconic Evo even more OP than it already was xD

Alexandre Blaney says:

use the ender Io power monitor for the redstone for the rainbow capacitor bank

Matolcsy Attila says:

Hi X!
In the modpack there are sinks from cooking for blockheads. This is a 1 block infinite water source, and you can use pipes on this.
So, U can you it in your water bottler system. (10:02)

Electrodeath Deathwalker says:

do not hook it to a trash can hook it to a quarry… you will generate items including diamonds with your discarded power…

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