FoolCraft Modded Minecraft 44 Why I’m Ending The Series

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Thats all folks! My last episode on this pack, our best modded series yet.

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TwiLord says:

That's too bad, really loved this series. I understand your reasoning and can't wait for what the future holds. Keep it up X.

itsMiatch says:

Me: "Oh cool a series, it's been here a while but can't wait for next episode"
Xisuma (Next episode): "I'm ending the series."

Michael Kreitzer says:

I can never get into modded series. I think part of it is people take modding Minecraft way too far and just toss all of the mods into the mix without much consideration for balance and game design. Youtubers are either strict vanilla or holy crap all of the mods. I'd love to see a "vanilla+" series that explores what Minecraft could be like. Mods like RedstonePlusPlus, Quark, Earthworks, Traverse (or even Biome's o' Plenty). Simple additions like "Nether Chest" and "Lapis Stays in the Enchanting Table", and maybe even a few larger vanilla inspired expansions like NetherEx. Enough to make it still feel like Minecraft but maybe a few releases into the future where pistons can push hoppers and hoppers can connect to the crafting bench. 🙂

Crispy Bacon says:

Well, I suppose it was inevitable given your history with modded series, but it really seemed like you were going to stick this one out.

WP-Bus says:

Don´t you know that chisel & bits is very laggy when you have a lot of it. city of maby is made allmost only made of chisel & bits

LynVoyager59 says:

Disappointed and sad the series is over but I completely understand. I had similar problems when I was on The Simpleton's server and then lost my game when I tried to download the world after the server closed. It was fun while it lasted and I think you surprised yourself with how well you did with the mods and your builds were terrific. Looking forward to the next stage of the channel.

Sahil Ramlochun says:

Good thing that you stopped that nonsense.

Toe Bar says:

well, you lost a subscriber.

but it's not me! I understand why you stopped, all series do eventually!

Ray Quest says:

can you guys rebuild or copy to a reset of that seed the city of maybe in a creative world so we can tour

Ray Quest says:

it would be great if the team could copy the city of maybe to a new map/server or reset all the chunks outside the city of maybe would love to see a season 2 of that ty for the update wish others took the time to give us feed back as to what has been going on with foolraft

Toby-Z says:


Ah well it's about that time

Drew Brown says:

I want to give a thumbsdown because it's sad… but I can't cause it's Xisuma….

Nícolas Magioli says:

I think i saw the first 20ish episodes, after that the game got a lot more complex and hard to follow, sometimes i would click on random ep just to see how far you've got and I was just lost by the amount of things happening at once. I do like modded minecraft, but maybe this was just too much?

Sockart Suren says:

Hint New Series coming up Hint

Puzzlemaster391 says:

I feel you should try Terrafirmacraft. It's basiclly Super Hard Vanilla and you really have to be smart at how you do things which wouldn't be a problem for you. Anyways sad this series is ending but hope you see my suggestion and think about it. Can't wait for new series. Puzzle

YourFace says:

You're a fucking faggot you broke the server you suck at life.

CyberWize says:

2:34 was the result of a chance cube. If I'm not mistaken, you've even seen that "reward" yourself – I believe it's the glass sphere full of various different liquids (just with the glass removed)

SuperBuggy Gamer says:

You should find a 1.10 – 1.12 vanilla plus modpack

MegumixAG says:

play derpcraft ?

Erik Bertram says:

It has been awesome, thanks for the nice videos xisuma!

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