FREE LiquidBounce Hacked Client w/ Neohack + INSANE BYPASSES

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Big shoutout to my good bud Neohack for hooking me up with these ridiculously OP settings:

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You can download LiquidBounce for FREE here:

I was not paid/sponsored through the making of this video unless clearly stated in the video.


My channel is based around Minecraft cheating. I enjoy cheating in Minecraft so very much because of how easy it is for anyone to do it. Minecraft is a video game, an art, a business, a hobby. Minecraft is one of the biggest game due to it’s freedom and lack of rules. Regardless of how you perceive Minecraft, anybody can enjoy it, and find their own community within it.

Cheating in Minecraft was made so easy because this game was meant to be modified. Most people cheat in Minecraft because they enjoy it and it provides entertainment. Whether it be the hilarious reactions from other players, experimenting with clients with your friends, or because you want to become the most high ranked player on your favorite server. Though cheating in any game can be taken negatively, I believe that Minecraft has a unique community for cheaters, and I’ve met some of the best people that have provided a positive impact on my experience throughout my time playing this game.

I’ve been playing Minecraft ever since early 2012 and I have never considered stopping. I love this game because there are no limits. You can play single player, play generic survival with friends, express yourself and your creativity in creative mode, use your programming skills to experiment with Minecraft code, and many other ways to enjoy Minecraft. I’ve played legit for years, and I’ve also been cheating for years; needless to say, I enjoy both.


Where I get my alts from:

PC Specs:
Video Card: GTX 1060 6GB
CPU: i7 6700k
Memory: 2x 8GB DDR4 RAM
Storage: 270 GB SSD (OS) & 1TB HDD
Motherboard: Z170A SLI LGA 1151


Resource Pack: Precise Pack



Fxro says:

how do you scale the gui to make it smaller and fit?

Word says:

Anyone know how to key bind cause .bind fly none doesn’t work

Lennart Krauch says:

so guys :
1. there are autosettings with . settings an then the server like hypixel
2. the developer is ccbluex . He has a yt channnel, so to stay up to date you can follow him there (he is uploding dev-logs)
3. this client was made for German Servers wich run AAC.
But it does also greatly perform on american servers.
4. to install it you need forge 1.8.9
5. Bypass tip:
go on in Bedwars you can teleport around with item tp 😀
6. And yes you can also use autosettings for the anticheat like .settings ncp/aac

Python And Batch says:

Theres also a crit bypass

Neohack says:

Settings for LiquidBounce:

Snake Nation says:

cakealts doesnt work

SlyTheGodYt _Minecraft says:

Hey PhaseClan how do i use vape and vpn cause it says i cabt use vpn pls help me

Airah says:

does it have selfdestruct?

JdpFarmz says:

doesnt even work

Plantasaurus says:

who else noticed at 3:42 xD

a fucking finesser says:

My killaura doesnt work for some reason, anyone else that have that problem?

Teh Zealot says:

Phase do a "best settings for JartexNetwork"( they got a really good anti-cheat.

OFFx says:

Whats your recource pack

skid says:

Why the fuck is my killaura not owrking.

gнєттσ Vallzo says:

can u make a closet cheating settings vid pls? xdxd

Its Agar says:

How to get working hypixel alts?

paperclip says:

needed to recompile it to get it to work on archlinux

Nugin MC says:

Phaseclan, CakeAlts scammed me

Vortex - says:

It’s the one and only phase god

Aspectay says:

What texture pack do you use?

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