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Get a 100% FREE 512Mb Minecraft server for life! All servers are DDoS Protected and come with an awesome control panel that allows you to upload files, install plugins and different version. Triangle even gives all users 24/7 support!

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LimeBukkit says:

*All support should be handled through their site: *
*** !*

Quincey Nguyen says:

Umm I tried to get the server I got it but, it won’t let me turn on my
server please help.

Robin Playz says:

So much people infront of me ;-;

Possessive says:

How can they afford to have free servers?

NinjaPenguin says:

If there is a way to set a specific world for the server, how can you do it

Sketch Bear says:


KaramPlaysMc says:

does this run even when your not on as in like any normal minecraft server

Princess Jessy says:

thanks worked perfectly

Tutorijali77 says:

Everything works fine but how can I make that server Cracked? I need
premium account to join that server, please help! Thanks in advance!

Panda Modz says:

Thanks man!

Rozza Goldfish says:

How do I install plugins?

Camryn Hahn says:

I cant find out how to change it to 1.7.10

linusandrewmc says:

how long does this usually take?
(for step 2)

HydraGuyGaming says:

Just a question can you add your own world onto it?

Jacket Jeremy says:

What happens if your server expires?

RoboticDiamond says:

I can’t seem to find any videos on how to turn your minecraft server (the
one already made) into 24/7

NfwPlayZ says:

Do you have to logon to he server or the website?

The Lolfaceftw says:

Why is it a triangle?! Illuminati lolXD

~David~ says:

Hey when I am doing step 2, it takes so long and won’t load :/

FaZePurral says:

+LimeBukkit why does it take so long 

ItsDecandJoshy says:

Thanks so much limebukkit it is so awsome!!!!

Chompin Plays says:

Great Video Kacper

Maamayhem118 says:

if your server renews does everything gone?

marios karaj says:

works on crake



TheRailez says:

Is this Bukkit server too?

Beefercow says:

I’m #14388… I only have 351-387 hours until my server is ready… xD

FunnyEnderman 100 says:

how to change it to 1.7.2?

Jack Caycedo says:

Where would I put of my files and my plugins? I have group manager and my
own spawn and everything a server needs. I appreciate your help right now

xocGamer 03 says:

does it works +LimeBukkit 

Dall Tax says:

How many slots can you have 4free

Krishan J says:

wow u commented to every one

Epic Studios says:

how many people can play at one time?

MrNinjaPigMan Ft says:

help how to skip line to premium pls

JuanAndresRocks - Videos says:

Why was I born soo attractive?

Jack Caycedo says:

I have my own server. I need the 24/7 part, will it reset everything if I
get this? I want to keep all the plugins and everything

vanessa jean cusap says:

is this cracked server?

Austin Parker says:

so i can only use it in arizona

TheReadyGamer says:

If my server expires , will it save when I make a new one? says:

Awesome video!

ItzSlix says:

Great video. I came out with one error, once I completed the mini-survey to
login to everything, it brought me to this page: It is not doing anything.
Please help.

kave giant says:

are you in the UK because im in the UK and i don’t know if it works for the
UK can you please write back 

OfficialBattyMatty says:

Hi I am permantly stuck at #551 all day?!?!?! PLZ HELP!!!! Contacted
‘Ninjas’ and they just said to be patient but it’s getting rediculous

ItsDecandJoshy says:

How do u get plugins

Aryanboomfive says:

Can u make an Asian server?

ThunderDoes Gaming says:

Won’t let me join 0.0

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