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Glitzertech says:

can i get a shoutout from you ??

DNRYT says:

The code has already been used

george doudalis/GAMING says:

i get perm banned on hypixel

Bmx 15 Gaming says:

sub to me or i will fucking hack u minecraft

Tyler Bell says:

you suck showing how to hack

SalPal Gaming says:

is wurst safe????

GaminG Fanatic says:

Ima hack now

SuperKraftPlayz says:

Whats that intro music?

Bomber- Steve says:

Why do you need to use premium alts?

Daisongojira2 says:

how get the alts

JayDudeYT says:

Dude this is why MC ain't fun no more, you just teaching people how to be noobs and how to ruin legit people's day. Dude just learn to pvp. Like every one else did.

Magic Minecraft says:

how do you fly hack

ItzJessica says:

what button do u hit to toggle it

BuRn ARRG 21 says:

Mineplex dude you cant be banned I want Hypixel

Nafisa Nasrin says:

Thanks, but i already got banned xD. Subscribed though.

Cxlan says:

can you link me the alt video?

Donkey in Boots says:

show us how to get alts now motha fucka

willbombs says:

Turn on subtitles at 0:50 what's up guys this is exploit

Nicholas Kucera says:

What version was this pn

- Plutospark - says:

His beginning speech made me dislike lol

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