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Hacks that I’m using!

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Ashrune says:

Hack on corecraft!!!!

1234 xD says:

on some servers u need to turs sprint to forward not multy

dawid jankiewicz says:

play on mcgamerzone there is a lot of hackers there !!!

TheThunderStone YT says:

The good thing about hacking on cracked servers is that you can make 100000 accounts and hack on them all even if PikaStaff doesn't even exist.. And i doesnt have a AntiCheat :/

Severus Snape says:

I was in Pika Network, and I just completed my first match (I was hacking for fun) I got permanently banned for no slow when I only had KillAura, Sprint, Criticals, ESP, and Hitbox on. :/ I was on an alt btw.

Hexeris says:

Argh…. My first played minecraft server now is one of Hacks server?

Tomas Gaming says:

hack on block drop

TheCooler says:

Dude stop hacking and if you dont just tell me why.
for the views,you know that ppl subcribe to you because they wait until you upload a video with a site that stills alts
you stupid fucking cunt i hope your whole family die

JOHN 611 says:

XTurtle the first few videos I saw of you were on hypixel bedwars and I was so excited to see a hacker on bedwars but now you play short boring 1v1 battles on random servers. When will you go back to bedwars?? ?

Progamer745 says:

Hello there Mr.xTurtle my name is Progamer745 a Helper on the
Pika-Network server I am Thanking you for Reminding us to Implement the New AntiCheat, Everything should be resolved in a couple of days.

Sincerely, Progamer745

Im Carter_ says:

Play on jartex network

shubham kumar says:

In pika network when u send too many packets u get kicked

RevangryMC says:


Rexerage says:

This pika network members and staff are all here lmao, the server good until i lost interest cos this staff banned my account permanently for 'thretening ddosing player'… i'm not even trying to ddos someone and we were just playing along…

fong chen hao says:

Pika network is super laggy especially on Practise

senpai cool says:

Play in mcgamerzone and play the bridge

RafBlox says:

xturtle When you stop hacking?

N Playz says:

How to install the envy ???

Pickled _Peanuts-Gaming says:

download Envy 0.7 Its the best one

Pickled _Peanuts-Gaming says:

BedBreaker Is fucked

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