Hacking Your Minecraft Account, Servers, and the Server Mafia

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A lot of hacking and dirty business is going on behind the scenes. It’s time to say what’s up.

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● Full PSA reddit post in regards to the hacking: http://bit.ly/MvoWXa
● Additional post on how this evolved: http://bit.ly/MrhFrt
● When it was first found: http://www.hackforums.net/forumdisplay.php?fid=203

What can you do?
● Server Host “Server Authentication Security” Plugins: http://bit.ly/NtZZOc
● I personally recommend to not migrate your Minecraft account to the Mojang account system. And feel it’s still unfinished and not stable. This is the migrate page/account log in that is currently being exploited: https://account.mojang.com/migrate
● In the end – Changing your password never hurts! However the one specific exploit talked about did not require your password in the end anyways.

Check for servers before you play on them – Some Server Listings.


thehandsomewolf1 awesome says:


Michelle M. says:

I’m interested to see how they managed to find the hack. No I’m not a
security girl, no I’m not wanting to hack others. I just like learning how
people screwed up so I can learn from it so if I ever make something
similar, it won’t happen.

Ninja Emerald Potato says:

I Think this wat happened to my sister server
Or it might be we reseted the spawn
cuz once we made a spawn but it was no good so we destroyed it and left and
a error or accident occured so this happened but all i know is its griefed

xGt5cls96z says:

i can hack minecraft accounts not joking

StyleGamingRG says:

u inspired me to make videos thank you so much go to my channal i am not

ElectroMike's Channel says:

My sis account was hacked becuz the skin keeps changing.. Once she changed
her password the skin changing continues… How can I fix this?

Rexro Pvp says:

I’m glad that people and servers don’t get ddosed as much now

Banana Gamming says:

How could you get that MINECRAFT stuff? Your lucky to have that

Sumatro Simpson says:

I got ban on a server i was not hacking

Flamemushrooms Tutorials says:


diholds says:

It’s prounocecend 

Jett Aniceto says:

Happy DDoSing guys lol

Diamond Miners says:

I saw Notch on a server somewhere around 1.0/1.1 with my sister, thought it
was real till now.

dkong5 says:

i lost my account because my computer was wiped :C so im trying to hack it

spaceninga2000 says:

This video is from 2012 it’s fixed

Yuval Dolev says:

i make hacks like this to protect my and other servers

BLOXCAST Matthew says:

I saw somebody doing it on a server called MCBestCraft. They banned a bunch
of people and blown up the spawn area.

Finlay Fisher says:

Real “*Minecraft*” Gift Code and Acc!!!
Really working: *www.MineCraftFreeAcc. com.*
Not fake!

frank alas says:

Hey can you help me, my mine craft account got hacked a few days ago

Will Rebel2013 says:


joost van den Berg says:

… notch does not have a golden name in chat

G4M3FR34K9812 says:

Hey can You help me i lost my minecraft account is there anyway of hacking
my account back. I know all the details i sent a message to mojang and they
did nothing so if you can plz help me i would really appreciate it and
don’t worry i SWEAR ON ALL I OWN AND MY HUMAN SOUL that i will not use this
for bad purposes i just want my account back.

Eli Ulrich says:

I was just banned from a server (MinePlex) for using kill aura. I had no
hacks, yet, they found some way to ban me. I haven’t been on MinePlex for
about 2 months now. I think some person is hacking my account. They are
also changing my skin. Soon I feel that I may be banned from other

/minecrafter45 says:

Is that why I cant log on?

Sven Producties - Minecraft gaming says:

Maybe a tip to everyone (about passwords), you can use keepass to generate
a random password.

שי מנשה says:

amm if i hacking sombody account they i mean the pepole that work in
minecraft will not report me?

Harry PvP says:

I dont Like hacknerds 1bit

Ray_ShineMM65/Mr.Minecraft65 Network says:

I hope they don’t hack my account

James Moriarty says:

How do you do it?
My friend did this to my account and I wanna take my password back

Peyton Playz says:


abdullah barkaji says:

My server got hacked too :(

Frito Fred says:

Some one with the ign “Notch” cursed at me in /msg on Mafia_Craft……..

Alfie Zhe Blu Combat Medic says:

On mc I kept going on and whenever I set my skin to something when I went
back on it would have changed so I kept having to change it back…

MrRyansfuture says:

How do you get a cape is it just mine on

athan200126 says:

I a Owner at 1 server, Co Owner at 1 server, Admin at 1 server, and a
moderator at 3 servers… but the problem is that my minecraft account is
hacked same as my email I couldnt get it back… pls help me get my mc
premium acc back :((

M3BaussR says:

What About the minecraft buy craft

Ryan Rusch says:

This is malicious

roygator14 Ftw says:

Shotbow network HACKED MY SERVER no joke dont say I have a my own server on
there server unless u want to get banned thats my tip lols

John Canonigo says:

How Do I Download It??

Greenkid77777 says:

My friend has a server that I’m basicly running -.- but if anyone wants the
ip it’s pretty fun and we literally take no donations

Mariokiller100 says:

Somebdy found and made a account Called Mario112311 I am the 2 accont of
Mario112311 On gaxCraft

Aya saad says:

Thank for the info I’m telling all my friends to to close there severs
anyway thanks !!!!!!!!

dradcraft says:

I made a new minecraft acount and I am giving my old one away.



Mario QuickScoper says:

on mineplex i logged in as Notch Lol

Clare Wilson says:


Kyler Martin says:

How do i stop someone from hacking my account help I got hack

seth davis says:

boohoo i hack and i don’t care

Kittysmittygames says:

I’m glad I got a mac with my uncles private secret server

Luca Ferdenzi says:

ddossing is soo easy all you need to do is open cmd and put in ping ip then
a bit more you can find a vid for it

JJ Tim says:

i have ofne and I can join srvers and I loggdin as a dmin and I deleemy
account andi can still play

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