HALLOWEEN BUILD OFF COMPETITION 🎃 KibzKraft Minecraft Server Live Stream 🌄

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Build contest rules + prizes:
➤➤ https://www.kibzkraft.com/forums/

IP: mc.kibzkraft.com

Today is the start of the KibzKraft Halloween Build Off Competition! This is a server wide competition with a variety of cool prizes! The main goal is to build the coolest Halloween thing you can, then the submitted builds will be judged on Halloween and the top 3 builds win a prize!
Also, you get FULL PLUGINS/ WORLD EDIT/ VOXEL SNIPER/ ect. to use!
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HALLOWEEN BUILD OFF COMPETITION 🎃 KibzKraft Minecraft Server Live Stream 🌄

💯 SUBSCRIBE ➤➤ https://goo.gl/47a9J3
👌 WEBSITE: https://www.kibzkraft.com/
🌄 MC SERVER IP: mc.kibzkraft.com
👾 DISCORD: https://discord.gg/gFd3VeS

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ImKibitz/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imkibitzig/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ImKibitz

➤ Chat Rules:
– Have common sense
– No swearing/bad language
– No advertising/self promotion
– Be friendly to myself and to chat
* Breaking the rules will get you blocked/banned (in most cases)
* Nightbot enabled.

Mod Download:

IP: mc.kibzkraft.com

Server Developed by Yugie!
Check out his YT channel:

KibzKraft is a survival and creative Minecraft multiplayer server for PC Java edition players. It supports version 1.9 – 1.12.2 and uses a variety of plugins to make both the survival and creative an even better experience! The KibzKraft server also hosts building challenges, events, and community build projects; so if you want to get involved with those join Kibitzs’ Discord!


Pushey - Minecraft says:

is it ok if i make my build gory?

Nikhil B12 says:

Nice stream and nice guy

Arfas Ashraf says:

1:04:03 he noticed the spifey raid yes i did watch it afterwards

Squirrel Lord says:

I love this video!!!

the real vlog says:

rip in pice

{MC} RedStoneArmor says:

R.I.P didn’t get to compete

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