Hello Neighbor Minecraft | FUNNY MOMENTS ANIMATED! (Minecraft Animation)

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Minecraft has a brand new animation and this is the hello neighbor game animated into minecraft! The hello neighbor animation has the creepy neighbor and the nosey player all included. Watch this awesome new minecraft animation of hello neighbor!
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● Animator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI_hjK53AIDlpB-Rpr1WnwQ
● Episode Animated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH7e7hAzUmA

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Hello Neighbor Minecraft | FUNNY MOMENTS ANIMATED! (Minecraft Animation)


Its Lyssa says:

this is so funny! I love the game too! could u plz do like a whole series of these por favor?

Amanda Rowett says:

get the bear trap YES he got the bear trap NO I GOT THE BEAR TRAP

TheDragonTribes says:

how about Professor Pikalus falling into his own spike trap XD

Amanda Rowett says:

merry Christmas gyys!

alexia kawai 2.0 2016 says:

q bien echa esta wey me partí la caja sigue así y a lo mejor le gusta a bers

Kayleigh Smith says:

Merry Christmas professor pikalus!!!!!! ?

Amanda Rowett says:

bzzzzz what's that another introser I'm my house splat I got him he he he heeeee XD

supersonicxd Android gaming says:

at the beginning that noise scarred me and how do you make animations like that

Ayden 's story Cachia says:


Jack Hessler says:

and bear traps in case bears come in your house

Landen Labang says:

the last part was funny

Laura Barascu says:


Antonio Padilla says:

Mr Wilson is very scary…..

Kas_Craft223 YT says:

Copyright the real creator is TheAtlanticCraft

papyrus And sans says:

a got him HE HE HEEEE!!

ender gladiator says:


Vanessa Marquez says:

I subscribed to you

SupMud says:

51 comment

Larry Parada says:



Cody:Is this it I kinda don't want to touch it because…… I've seen Jurrassic Park!

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