Her Kind (Part 1 of the festival) | Mermaid secrets [Ep. 11] | Minecraft Roleplay

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She questions herself but also who she been with for her life. Does the affects of the paste events still haunt her?


XxMsp Gamer GirlxX says:

I’m saving up to get a small laptop to do small videos on like role plays 😁 I’m already over half way there! But I’m gonna get a really good one

XxMsp Gamer GirlxX says:

Could you open some VA auditions? ❤️

Katie Riemer says:

When are going to make The Divine Secrets??

video maker 300 says:

Soooooooooo wanting more!

Joe Allen says:

Hi I started watching your videos literaly yestarday and i LOVE THEM!
Please Keep up the good work

Funneh fan Funneh is the best and the krew says:

When part 2

ThatOneTrollWhoRoams YouTube says:

At the end it looked like you were having a tantrum…😂

ThatOneTrollWhoRoams YouTube says:

Love your videos.🙂

Abi wolf The gamer xx says:


leena nulens says:

when is part 2 out ???? EEK i cant wait !!!!!

Kawaii_Galaxy Momo says:

Omg im loving this episode 😍😍😍😍 YAYY HEHE

Kelsey does art says:

Wow cool episode loved it 🙂 and I don't mind if u put lost girl on hold for a bit 😛 have a good day 🙂

Kimberly Tavares says:

Please make the next episode longer

JoellaxWolf YT says:

Cindy~Senpai should make a video for all mods she uses

Blade Queen says:

I love your channel

Bonnie and freddy girl Bonnie x freddy says:

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