How to Add Custom Images in Minecraft

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In this episode of OMGcraft, Chad shows off a tool that will allow you to add custom images into your Minecraft world without having to use resource packs to add them.


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Julienne Ysabelle Villalobos says:

this took 15 mins

NehaSusu AJ says:

U sound like gideon grey

PierogiWolf97 says:

How do I change my servers idea to a custom one. I don't want to give out my computer id

Animals Online says:

How do u do it on servers?

MacTGC•The Golden City says:

I thought chad was a guy i mean gay

Famous CuCumber // Fc gaming says:

make on mcpe pls

TheEeveeLovers says:

Image to map? (Thoughts before the video)

CommandBlock Conner says:

whats the link for that paint website

ლ Cupcake Lover ლ says:

He has Purple Shep in the background!

Clutch Gaming says:

I subscribed!

Dado Damir says:

but how do you do it for multiplayer servers ?

Epic Nerd says:

I have a important question! Does it work with snapshots before 1.12 pre1 2 and 3 not having those green dotes

Dax 325 says:

Yes! Thanks Chad, helped a lot!

King C//mcpe says:

32 is my roll number!!lol

Jared Alastair says:

how to do it in multiplayer? because some ppl in my server has custom maps/images like the nazis flag

Zombie Rachel says:

THIS IS SO AMAZING I NEVER KNEW!!! using this in my singleplayer worlds and going to try and get them on server worlds too 😀

Zachary Masaitis says:

I subbed two years ago on May 26.

oskar's world says:

#earlysquad I'm here

Darth Vader says:

Dose it work on Realms?

Bubblicious 107 says:

Thanks Chad!

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