How to Build Traps in Minecraft with Millie Ramsey | MASTER MINE TUTORIALS

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Millie Ramsey from GameKids is here to teach you how to build a better booby trap than you’ve ever built before in this Minecraft tutorial that’s stuffed with TNT and overflowing with lava!

Master builders from all over YouTube teach Minecraft tutorials, breaking the most complicated creations down into a simple step-by-step process.
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Starring Millie Ramsey from

Co-Star: Geoff Ramsey

Producer: Caleb Denecour

Director: Chelsea Harfoush

Editor: Trevor Collins

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and iI do play minecraft with you guys I want to play too

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Plz show us how to make a chocolate cake. PLZ MILLI

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nice hair

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awesome !!

Game Kids says:

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This is really cool

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