How To Cheat In Minecraft! PS4/Xbox One

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Alexander Arreola says:

Wow, they just did an update and I thought they were gonna fix this. They didn't?

Alexander Arreola says:

So will I still have my trophies enabled?

RAPPER 22K says:

i do this all the time everyone knows this

Bucketziz2EZ says:

dude this glitch is so great thank you so much I can't believe it actually worked

jony gaming says:

thanks for glitch i liked video for glitch

Random Tuber says:

it works for the latest update

Ben 24 says:

Yes and I have done it several times

Old Gregg says:

Does this still work after the most recent update?

Ben 24 says:

it didnt work for me any suggestions to help

Coco Doggo says:

Nice you helped me a lot!

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