How to Download Minecraft for Free!

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In this episode of OMGcraft, Chad shows you how you can download Minecraft for Free!

Minecraft Website:

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MattyPlayz says:


Gaming T.V-TheLegendaryMinecraft says:

Can you make a video of how to get premium minecraft accounts please

ÀŽ ÎŹ says:

april fools 2:13

TheGuyWithaChannel says:

i was fooled

Spaggy Thandexer says:

this isn't legit

Buhus Adrian says:

demo minecraft :)))

SpeedLife1 says:

You can download TLauncher 2.0 for free, they have a skin system

Manthos3gr Gamer says:

Lol…For a while I believed that I was stupid and I bought the Minecraft… 🙂

R3kt Ezz says:

Darn. Clickbated

King Edy says:

Fuck off
I just wanted to play minecraft
And this is what u do
I'm unsubscribing to ur channel

Raptor Fan says:

Omgcraft i was fooled

Raptor Fan says:

and Omgraft this verson gives you the demo

DoctorLazy - Minecraft says:

welp i got fooled

Ael Brian S Angeles says:

Best April fools Video.

Dragontoaster-gaming says:

U can create ur account before u click in the link

Cookie Master says:

Dear chad how do you make floor crafting recipes like in some maps?

Christopfer SFM says:

LOL IVE GOT FOOLED Sorry for bad endlish

Daepicsquid says:

nice one chad

OMGben says:

You are so fool.This Micraft is DEMO 🙁

super Z player says:

April fools

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