How to Find Diamonds FAST in Minecraft (Minecraft 1.9)

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Simple strategies to Find Diamonds FAST in Minecraft!
Minecraft 1.9 Quick Tips & Tricks!

Minecraft 1.9 Quick Tips & Tricks! This is a series providing you with tips on how to improve yourself in the game of Minecraft! Each episode contains 1-2 minutes packed with content about the subject! Feel free to subscribe to see more!

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Seth J says:

I mined 50 blocks out, and did the branches, but what do I do when I want to start to dig 50 blocks out again?

Leo V says:

are sick unspecable?

Nicky Purchase says:

why wass there coal near it

HowToHack Android says:

so confusing bro hahaha lol

Noe Toreno says:

and my cousin we find diamonds when dig restore we got 8 🙂

Eugene Ramirez says:

this is so helpful thx unspeakable i found 25 diamonds

Adren Avanes says:

your so smart unspeakable

Kevin Weng says:

Thank you so much i found 12 diamonds in your way within ten mins

Charmel Natividad says:

ya u are the best YouTuber ever

Németh Dani says:

Thanks its really helped me

gaming boy says:

<3 <3

Ett 9 says:

I got TONS AND I MEAN TONS of dimonds from this

Tobimanden says:

Thanks unspeakable. You are a pro

Said Silva says:

thanks for the tip

TheChocolate Coconut says:

i just realized i've never found daimonds in minecraft survival

Hacker Gaming says:

which texture pack r u using?

Ilkin Safarli says:

I can NOT understand what you ARE talking abouT!!!!!

edy mlg2016 says:

it works thx unspeakablegaming

Dereck Gray says:

this is crazy video

Mary Ann Yankanich says:

i Found diamonds but I got to a cave and found diamonds only 2 Diamonds

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