How to find iron FAST | Minecraft Tutorials | Xbox One / 360 PS3 PS4 / PC

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Hey guys. In this video i show you the best way to find Iron in Minecraft.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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Isla Craigie says:

thank you you helped me a lot!

GraveWalker says:

Nice! you use the same tactic as me!

ZAM the clasher says:

Thanks . Thank you very much

Anything With Bilal says:

thanks a lot man i will sub you now

1337superboy says:

i found iron 5 mins after spawn, another 5 minutes later i already found diamond

Isaiah Watts says:

thanks u got making this video thank u

Sachi Rae White says:

Does iron spawn around those new reddish brown blocks? I've been finding a lot near those but not enough for what I need

Thetwins Vlogs says:

Thx you very much I subbed and turned on post notifications

Omega Guz says:

Thank you so much! im a new minecraft player and every video shows how to have iron ore…but i need the iron you get at the end and no video shows it
sorry but im italian so every word will be wrong

Josh Barry says:

Well ive been here since 23 subs

Gang Reacts says:

very helpful thanks😉

OVERWATCH Game plays says:


OVERWATCH Game plays says:

Yes you could mine iron with a stone pickaxe

Ann Wall says:

Thanks a lot I'm like a millionaire with and all that because of you

kat !!! says:

hello mr chicken.

Humaid Alali says:

I found iron after watching this vid thx

Pixel Gunner Gaming says:

In the video if you skip to 2:14 to 2:16, inside the mine you could see a zombie that just walked by with full gold armor!

ghostly ghost says:

xxdreply me 2 🙂

ghostly ghost says:

that really helped

panos linros says:

You save my life !!!♡♡

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